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am a male sharp stinging pain in groin and surrounding area

Customer Question

am a male sharp stinging pain in groin and surrounding area the pain moves around and at times when i try to bed over the pain starts and its like something is blocking me from bending
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  CamilleRN replied 6 years ago.
Chat Conversation Started
CamilleRN :

Welcome to JustAnswer Health...and thank you for your question. I am a verified Expert and am delighted to help you today.When you are standing up, Do you feel a lump in the area that is hurting you?

Customer :


CamilleRN :

Since this is an area where you had previous hernia surgery it is possible that you hare adhesions which is scar tissue that forms after trauma, such as surgery, that can bind two or more areas together, much like a rubber band, which can cause this type of pain. Another possibility is a problem stemming from your spine that is affecting the pelvic nerve(s). I would recommend you make an appointment to see your Doctor so he can examine you and try to determine the cause as well as a solution for you.

Customer :

what would cause this pain to start - is the mesh from the hernia a consideration ? why three diferent types--- one long stinging ,upper right in crease of groin - the next sharp and quick just below belly button the third moves

Customer :

oops had not finished third moves around and is spiking deeper dull burn -- then the relationship to when i bend all do not want to alow me to do sending sharp stabs when i went to get in bed last night i went to bend over to crawl in --I got hit and had to change plan to sort of doing a back rool in -- after i was in bed i could bend my knees all sorts of ways and strech etc . then coulpled with this is the nawing pain i have had since last time i wrote to this site upper belly ribcage which at times can stay for hours up to 8 which hurts alot is it possible these are all related CT -ulta sounds have shown nothing a gastro scope just showed some berrets related to hiatal herina in the past i have had what was called the "Hill Procedure " Laporatomy vagotomy pluratomy [ excuse spelling - just suounded out the words]

Customer :

which doctor do i see Gp - Spine - or general surgeon I also have the right calf which sort of burns lightly and is sensitive to touch could that be related

Customer :

would any of the be related to vascular problems I have a stent in lower left leg and one in right vetebral[one that goes to the brain ] right corodrid is shut down and something to do with backwards flow which goes thru eyes first - hope this all makes sense I had thought this was to be reviewed by an MD or are you sort of refering -working with ?

CamilleRN :

I will release this question so an MD can assist you.

Customer :

thank you for your help thus far

CamilleRN :

You are very welcome:-)

Expert:  imdr06 replied 6 years ago.


sorry for your pain.


it could be due to the mesh/hernia repair, or the vascular issues you mentioned. it could also be your appendix. are your bowel movements ok? any burning when you urinate? other possibilities include diverticulitis, kidney infection, or muscle/nerve inflammation.


dr. sciberras

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Hi Thank you for the response


could you explain the hernia and relation to Mesh ?

the appendix - along time ago I think when I was 10 [ I am 62]

if it was a kidney infection would I have other signs ?

diverticulitis ? kindly explain


the muscle nerve inflammation what would create such - would that be from this last hernia repair or ? and adhesions of such or what ?


As you might read -- I am a bit frustrated ! { My dad was surgeon - Traumatic - mainly burns - he always told me to be up front and give as much information as possible ] the general surgeon from the hernia says-- see the GP . The GP says see the general surgeon --- the doctor I saw about back after I feel-- who has already injected the back [ which I feel helped till this goofy stuff happened ? ] says get an answer from the others

also note I had a gastro-scope done findings was minimal Berets noticeable . The gastoingolists [ sp] thinks its related to back - thou his response was definite --


Gee I hope all these babbles make sense -- thank you in advance for your attention and consideration to my thoughts


Expert:  imdr06 replied 6 years ago.

sometimes over time bowel tissue can get entangled with the mesh-causing pain. or you could have adhesions - scar tissue sticking on to normal healthy tissue - which can be very painful as well.


kidney infection - i would expect you to have burning with urination or increased frequency.

diverticulitis you likely do not have since you had a clean colonoscopy - diverticulitis is when little outpouchings in the bowel get inflamed - you'd have a lot of abdominal pain and maybe diarrhea.


anything can cause muscle or nerve inflammation - simply sleeping the wrong way. heavy lifting, other back problems, etc.


i would suggest getting a CT scan of your abdomen first - that will tell us if there are any mesh or adhesion problems.


dr. sciberras

Customer: replied 6 years ago.


re hernia done in 09 would the mesh etc cause this sting shap pains when i try to bend over - almost like feeling something is blocking me from bending over - the pain is very sharp and very sudden and gone -- does not happen all the time very spastic !

I really appreciate your help jeff


diverticulitis i do have such for a long time that is why the vegus nerve was cut = Hill procedure at Lenox Hill - the scope showed Barrets es[ can't spell the word - sorry

Expert:  imdr06 replied 6 years ago.

yes, the mesh could be 'catching" on something when you bend in a certain position, causing the pain.


dr. sciberras

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
so what gets done to get rid of the pain the surgeon does not think anything is wrong maybe the start of another hernia maybe a strain how do i get the right answere
Expert:  imdr06 replied 6 years ago.

I would suggest trying a Lidoderm patch in that area, it acts locally. You need to get a prescription for it. Another patient of mine had a similar problem and the Lidoderm patch works great for her!


Dr. Sciberras

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