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Over the past decades, portion sizes of meals served in restaurants

Resolved Question:

Over the past decades, portion sizes of meals served in restaurants have increased. Do large meals at restaurants play a role in the obesity epidemic we now fight? Why do you think portion sizes have increased over the years? Is it the customer's or restaurant's responsibility to control the portion sizes of meals when eating out? What changes could the restaurant industry make to help diners enjoy their dining out experience while not overeating? List two things that individuals can do to control the amount that they eat when dining out.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Valarie replied 6 years ago.

Hello. Thank you for coming to JustAnswer with your question, and welcome.


There has been much in the media about the "obesity epidemic" in the United States recently. This epidemic is not only affected adults, but children as well. One of the problems American society faces is the fierce competition in the restaurant industry. The better "deal" is naturally the restaurant where you get more food for your dollar. Serving sizes and prices have both gone up gradually in the past few decades. This has influenced how present day Americans perceive a normal serving of food.


Restaurants could better serve their customers by offering smaller sized portions for less money. Many people would appreciate and use this offer. By offering different sized plates with serving sizes listed, customers would have to take more responsibility for the amount of food they are willing to buy and eat.


Here are several things individuals can do to control the amount of food they eat when dining out:


1) Americans who eat out need to be more responsible for their own diet and nutritition. More Americans need to educate themselves about what normal serving sizes are and how to achieve this when dining out.


2) Eating out should be for "special" occasions and not the normal way of life every day.


3) Plan to share a plate with another person when dining out. Or, if dining with children, share your plate with them.


4) Take food home for later. One meal at a restaurant can feed you another meal at home.

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