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My son is taking Zoloft for panic attacks. He has been taking

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My son is taking Zoloft for panic attacks. He has been taking it for 6 months. He recently missed his doctors appointment where he was to discuss the medicine he is taking and how he is feeling so that he could get a refill. He contacted his doctor 4 days prior to when the medicine would run out, to try and get a refill. She has not returned his calls to either make an appointment to see her or to extend his medicine for a few days until they can meet. As of today he does not have any more medicine. If stopped suddenly Zoloft can cause serious withdrawal effects, both physically and psychologically.
His doctor has total control...Is she required to make sure he doesnt miss taking his medicine?



It is a good practice for that physician to refill the Zoloft and yes can be considered malpractice to abruptly halt the medication. However, for it to be proven that it is entirely the physician's fault, your son would have had to keep all appointments for follow up and follow the procedure of requesting med refills.


Try calling and speaking to his nurse as well as having the pharmacy fax a refill request to your physician.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

We have already asked the pharmacy to send in the refill request. No action yet.


She does not have any office assistants. She works solely by text message.


We have scheduled an appointment with a new physician, but he cannot see him until Sept.29. Is there any way to get a refill (ie:emergency room, etc), where his current physician wont be needed to get it filled?


At this rate, I'm not sure she's going to respond to his text messages.

I can understand. You can try going to an Urgent Care instead of the ER. They will be more likely to give you a month or couple of weeks until you can get a response from your physician.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
One last question...If a patient asks the physician to fax his records to another physician, is the physician required to send medical records, and if so, how much time do they have to make the transfer? Must the request for transfer of records be in writing, or is a text message to the physician enough. Thanks so much!!

Yes, they have to send the records. Usually 30 days is allowed but most try to send them sooner.


You will need to sign a form for release of records and he must sign if he is over 18. This will be at either offices the form that you can sign.


Good luck with all of this. Just be persistent.

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