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Dr.M.D.Mazumdar, MD
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I am 43 years old, just under 5 6 & of a slender physique.

Resolved Question:

I am 43 years old, just under 5' 6" & of a slender physique. However, over the last 18-20 months, my stomach has ballooned + I am often asked if I am pregnant. I do indeed look like I am about 6 months pregnant. I have been to the doctor who sent me for various blood tests + a scan as I feared I could have fibroids as I have not put weight on anywhere else but the doctor discounted this. I have no problem with bowel movements but urinate all the time. My periods have become much heavier but this could be due to age. The doctor told me that medically there was nothing wrong with me + that I just had to accept the situation. She suggested cutting out wheat, decaffeinated tea, bio yoghurt drinks once a day to clear the gut + no fizzy drinks which I have done to no effect. I have also been attending a gym for the last year to try to lose the weight around my middle. I have just been to see a cosmetic surgeon about lipostructrue but although he says they can remove the outer fat, they cannot remove inner fat + he said I need to eat less. He also confirmed I am at least a stone overweight and my BMI is over. I eat quite healthily but wondered if you can advise what to perhaps avoid +/or eat less/more of in an effort to lose my stomach which extends from under my chest.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr.M.D.Mazumdar, MD replied 6 years ago.



As you are probably aware, wieght can be lost by exercising and by drawing up a diet plan. Since you have already joined a gym, you need to know what food you can eat to lower your daily calorie intake.


Please see the link below for a list of low calorie food:




The link below will show you the calories present in different food:




And the list below will give you some important diet tips:




You can draw up a complete diet plan to help you decrease your wieght.


I hope this helps.

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