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My husband and I just had a Life Scan done..this entails checking

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My husband and I just had a Life Scan done..this entails checking the Carotid Artery, he was found to have MILD plaque buildup in his left side.His blood flow in his carotid artery was within the normal range.They say his velocities fell below 110 centimeters per second...He is 62 and in good health, taking blood presure med. and calestoral med...He is 5'11" and weighs 238...He is very muscular, and is an active Cattle Rancher, as well as a life long weight lifter...

My Question is ...what can we do to reduce even this mild plaque build up and do we need to go to his physition? Please advise...Thank You..M Deas

Thank you for writing to JustAnswer Health with your concern.

Continuing the cholesterol medication as well as limiting or eliminating transfats and triglycerides from the diet and maintaining aerobic exercise are all things that can potentially decrease plaque build up in the arteries. There have been studies showing plaque reduction by diet only, a good example of this type of diet would be the one suggested by Dean Ornish, MD. You can find out more about the specifics of this diet by going to the WebMD website:
(cut and paste the website into your browser)

Taking soluble fiber daily also decreases the build up of plaque. You can do this either by eating a bowel of oatmeal daily (use 'old fashioned' type and do not add butter; sweeten it by the use of fruit rather than sugar - sugar quickly turns into fat which turns into plaque). If oatmeal is out of the question, consider taking psyillium capsules. These can be bought in a generic form, or take the product metamucil, which is a processed form of psyllium. (You must make sure that you take plenty of water with these products.) They prevent as much cholesterol to be absorbed from the alimentary track.

As you may know there is LDL cholesterol, which is considered the "bad" fat, and there is HDL which is considered the "good fat". Increasing the types of fat that help increase your HDL with help to decrease plaque or prevent it building up. This is because the HDL fat cells help to carry away and eliminate the "bad" fat cells. You can increase the HDL fat in the blood stream by either eating certain types of ocean fish such as salmon. You can also take the fish oil capsules, or take flax seed capsules (or add the seed to oatmeal or other foods) and eating certain nuts like almonds, walnuts and pistachios will increase the HDL. Olive oil added to foods and/or used to replace other cooking oils or oil ingredients in foods is also a fat that will increase the good fat and decrease the bad fat.

I know this is basic information, but it really is the solution. If you have questions or comments please respond to this post so that I may assist you further.
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