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Susan Ivy
Susan Ivy, Nurse (RN)
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her feet and hands..In particular the left foot, in a rotating motion

Customer Question

hi, my 6.5 month old daughter CONSTANTLY moves her feet and hands too. In particular the left foot, in a rotating motion. She is always very restless and appears agitated. She always needs to be entertained and has always been a bad sleeper. cat naps of 30-40 mins during the day and 2 hourly nights (wakes every 1-2 hours crying, restless, screams, very hard to settle-)Not hungry as is fed well- has some solids-is on losec meds for reflux since 6 weeks old-

my main concern is if there is some sort of nervous system thing going on and im scared the constant foot movements will be bad for her development. When she cries she cries a very angry type of cry and rubs her feet together really hard. SHe seems very highly strung and restless most of the time but recently mostly when im trying to put her down. HATES to sleep. has always been bad sleeper but used to sleep well at nights. not anymore. can i give her something to caml her down??
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Susan Ivy replied 7 years ago.

Thank you for using JustAnswer Health for your question.

It is possible for a child to be born with a mood disorder, although it is also possible for a child to be very intelligent and requiring of much attention to the point of exhaustion. It sounds like you are doing the right things, giving her the attention and doing a lot of calming activities as well (the massage, cuddles, soft music, rocking, and singing are particularly good techniques to maintain). Talking a lot to her to explain everything that is going on around her may also help to calm her constant need for stimulation. It is recommended that you talk calmly, continue the soft music and gentle stimulation, rather than giving over stimulation or loud music. Make sure to especially use the calming activities in the evening before you attempt to get her to sleep. It is important to use light as well :- decrease the light in the evenings, turn off TV's or anything else making loud noise or pictures, and slow down all activities around her.

There are psychologist in particular that will evaluate children this young for mood disorders. Where you would go depends on where you are located. Most universities that have a psychology and medical school will have a facility where assessment are available, and I would encourage you to take your daughter, especially if the problems continue.

If you have further questions, please respond to this post so that I may assist you further.