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CamilleRN, Nurse (RN)
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I am a 45 year old female with chronic neck pain. This has

Resolved Question:

I am a 45 year old female with chronic neck pain. This has been going on for well over a year now. Been to the doctor and she told me to do neck excercises. At first there was no pain, but has progressed into sometimes severe that I can't move my neck, like stiff neck. It will get stuck and pop or crack like when you crack your knuckles. It HURTS and sometimes I see stars. When it isn't getting stuck in one position I can hear sand noises in my head. I do fell a lump maybe a node on the right side of my cervical spine right where your neck bends. I have been very fatigued for weeks now and the doc told me to take a multi vitamin. No help, not yet anyway. I have swollen lymph nodes that aren't very painful but are all over. Do you have nodes behind your knees? If so those hurt. I am getting confused A LOT and lose my thought process and sometimes sound like I am drunk. My kids and I laugh it off, but it is getting worse. I am also now having night sweats.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  CamilleRN replied 6 years ago.
Welcome to JustAnswer Health...and thank you for your question. I am a verified Expert and am delighted to help you today. I am sorry you are having all these symptoms. Yes there are lymph nodes behind your knees. Has your Doctor performed any blood tests?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
No not yet.
Expert:  CamilleRN replied 6 years ago.
In view of your symptoms you are experiencing, you really need to have some labs done to find the cause, which can be many things....from arthritis to lukemia. It's best to find the cause so you can be treated and begin to feel better.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Do you feel the symptoms are related? Why is my neck getting stuck??????
Expert:  CamilleRN replied 6 years ago.
How long have you had the swollen lymph nodes?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Several weeks now, my PCP gave me antibiotics for a sinus infection. But the nodes didn't go away. I was thinking maybe I am going through menopause, so I haven't been back to the doctor. My husband just reminded me that they tested for arthritis a year ago for my neck. It was negative. My neck has gotten increasingly worse. My speech is just embarrasing now. Do you think they are connected?

Expert:  CamilleRN replied 6 years ago.
The neck may be a separate problem, which sounds like a possible pinched nerve or compressed nerve secondary to a disk problem. The wide spread lymph node enlargement could be a virus of some kind or an autoimmune disorder.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Relist: Answer quality.
I want details, most of what she gave me I can google. I was hoping for a more human expert answer with details. She still hasn't addressed all my concerns. Never mind I will go to my doctor. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't menopause.
Expert:  CamilleRN replied 6 years ago.
Swollen lymph nodes are not a result of menopause. I really am sorry, but It would be impossible to guess your diagnoses other than the general possibilities I already mentioned. Lab tests and a physical examination by your Physician is needed. Enlarged lymph nodes body wide are abnormal and do require attention. I do hope this information has helped you, please let me know if I can help further.
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Expert:  CamilleRN replied 6 years ago.
If your goal was to make sure it wasn't menopause, as I stated, your complaints are not menopause related ( Speech difficulty,enlarged lymph nodes and neck pain). I am not sure why you are unhappy with the information provided, each question was answered to the best of my ability. It's not possible for anyone to give you concrete answers over the internet... a physical examination by a Physician and lab studies ( including CT scan, blood work) are necessary.