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Lisa, MSN, FNP-BC, CCRN, Nurse Practitioner
Category: Health
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Experience:  Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner
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stomach pains (approx location, below the breast area)that moves left

Resolved Question:

I am 42(female), I weigh approx 150lbs and with the exception of fibromyalgia, I am pretty healthy. The only medication I am taking is Gabapentin. Lately, I have been experiencing stomach pains (approx location, below the breast area)that moves left to right. The pain is not consistant. It comes and goes and its always in the same spot. 2 days ago, it was on my right side and it was painful to the touch. Then it stopped. I don't eat fried foods, often (maybe once or twice a year). What could possibly be causing this pain?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Lisa, MSN, FNP-BC, CCRN replied 7 years ago.



Thank you for writing in today. I want to provide you with the best possible information, so I do have a few questions. I hope you understand. Can you tell me more about the pain? Where is the pain worst (location)? Is it burning, pressure, etc? What makes it worse and better? Any correlation with food intake? Please let me know. Lisa

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for responding. The pain is worst under the breast, top of stomach area. Any sudden movement, seems to make it worst. Its better when I am resting. I have not had much of an appetite, so I'm uncertain if there are any food correlation. I feel the same pain whether my stomach is empty or full.

Expert:  Lisa, MSN, FNP-BC, CCRN replied 7 years ago.
Do you have any problem with heartburn or changes in your bowel movements? Any nausea? Do you workout or lift weights? Any history of gastric problems? How long has this been an issue? Does it last minutes, hours, days? Does anything make it better?
Expert:  Lisa, MSN, FNP-BC, CCRN replied 7 years ago.
When I ask if anything makes it better, I mean medications too, such as Ibuprofen or Tums? If you have tried medication, please let me know. Lisa
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Yes, I have been experiencing some heartburn, but none in the past few days. My stool has been loose. No nauseating feeling and no, I have not been working out or lifting weights. No history of gastric problems. This problem has been on and off for the last few days, going on 1 week. It last for minutes throughout the day. And nothing but rest makes it better, but as soon as I start moving around, I can feel it coming on.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have not tried any meds because I would not know what to take for pain I have never experienced.
Expert:  Lisa, MSN, FNP-BC, CCRN replied 7 years ago.



Thank you for responding to all the questions.  I realize that questions are a bit of a hassle; however, this type of information is very helpful in these situations.  At this point, I am a bit suspicious of a gastric issue, such as an ulcer or acid reflux disease.  This would be my greatest suspicion based on location and your information.  However, I am also a bit concerned about a possible muscular issue.  Since you have palpable discomfort and pain is worse with activity and better with rest, possible muscle inflammation is also a potential cause for your discomfort; however, gastric issues can also be present with activity and rest.  At this point, I would recommend having a provider evaluation.  A physical exam can help narrow down a cause.  It is easier to narrow down a cause when certain positive and negative exam findings, such as bloating, gas, organ size, etc.. are noted.  Once you have an exam, your provider may be better able to treat the suspected cause.  This may include a gastric mucosal barrier agent, acid reducing medication, or anti-inflammatories, depending on the suspected cause.  At any rate, you may consider continuing a bland diet until you can be seen.  At this point, if you do want to try some TUMS and/or an over the counter acid reducer, you may get some relief if this is gastric in nature.  Although there is a possibility of possible muscular issue, I would not advise taking any anti-inflammatories until you can be seen, because these medications can really irritate the gastric lining; therefore, it would be best to wait till evaluation.  I realize that the "go to the provider" response is not the most ideal; however, given the limitations of the internet, I hope you understand why I would recommend this.  I hope this helps.  If you have any additional questions or concerns, please let me know.  Lisa

Lisa, MSN, FNP-BC, CCRN and 2 other Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Again, thanks for taking the time to respond and the questions make sense. I will take your advice and schedule an appointment with my PCP. I have never experienced any pains or discomfort, until my 40th birthday, so everything puts me on pins and needles when it comes to my health. I can't tell what's fibro related or any other illness Again, thank you for your time and Merry Christmas.



Expert:  Lisa, MSN, FNP-BC, CCRN replied 7 years ago.
Thank you. Have a Merry Christmas! Lisa