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CamilleRN, Nurse (RN)
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For almost a year now my leg mucles have been getting weaker

Resolved Question:

For almost a year now my leg mucles have been getting weaker and i have a lot pain in my feet i am seeing a dr but nothing he has done so far has helped is there anything i can do to stop the pain and get my strenth back?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  CamilleRN replied 7 years ago.
Hi and thank you for your question. I wouldlike to help you but I need a bit more information. What has he told you in regards XXXXX XXXXX diagnosis? Do you have any diseases or disorders? are you on any other medication?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
im on medication for high blood presur and im a boarderline type 2 diabetic he has not said any hing about my legs i had a full blood screening and he said everything was good except hat my triggs were a little high but he didn't give me anything for that he also put me on a sleeping pill so i could sleep
Expert:  CamilleRN replied 7 years ago.
In diabetes, leg weakness and foot pain can be due to impairment of the blood supply to the peripheral nerves, this is referred to as Diabetic neuropathy. Diabetic neuropathy is nerve damage caused by diabetes. The type of neuropathy occurring in the arms, hands, legs and feet is known as diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Symptoms of diabetic neuropathy include numbness, tingling and/or pain in the feet or legs, including prickly, sharp pain or burning feet and Muscle weakness and loss of muscle tone in the feet and lower legs. The nerve damage that characterizes diabetic peripheral neuropathy is more common in patients with poorly managed diabetes. Treatment includes keeping blood sugar levels under control, be sure to wear well fitting shoes to avoid getting sores, inspect your feet every day. If you notice any cuts, redness, blisters, or swelling, see your foot Doctor promptly. Have periodic visits with your primary care physician or endocrinologist. I hope this information helps you, if so, please click accept. Thank you and I wish you the best!
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