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Experience:  Have suffered with Narcolepsy a sleeping disorder over 30 years,specializes in asthma ,COPD
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Why do I wake up tired and with a headache?

Customer Question

I keep waking up with bad headaches and feel tired and run down all the time. I always get a bad neck too.
I have seen my doctor and he says the bad neck is from where I sit at the computer all day at work and this is leading to the headaches. I told my work this and they checked my computer setup which is as it should be, but even on weekend when I am not working I still feel like this. The headaches are on my eyes, on the top mostly. I have had an eye test and they say they are fine. I keep going back to my doctors but feel a bit of a hypochondriac as they keep saying I am fine.....but why do I keep feeling like this? Now I drink about 4 cups of coffee a day to try to make the headache go and give me a bit more energy etc.
Can you help me please?

Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Pauline replied 7 years ago.

The first thing is that you need to cut out the caffeine which will only make matters worse. Do make sure that you are drinking enough water to avoid dehydration as this is a common cause of regular headaches.

Although your computer station may be appropriate, you do need to ensure that you adopt a good posture when sitting at your desk and that you get up and move every hour. This also helps relieve eye strain which can also occur with long periods of computer use. Do make sure that you have had your eyes tested and that you mention the need for VDU eye assessment to your optician.

You also need to avoid following into the trap of rebound analgesic headaches which can occur when people take frequent tablets. Try to have days when you do not take any medication.

Regarding your fatigue, check with your doctor that your iron levels and thyroid function is appropriate and you may also need a random blood glucose done too.

If your job is sedentary then try to fit in 30 minutes at the gym on aerobic exercise, or a brisk walk home. If stress is a factor at work then neck and shoulder massages can help with muscle tension.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.


Thanks for your reply.

I will cut down on the caffeine and drink more water, this could be key as when at work I only drink coffee and the odd cup of tea.

The opticians said my eyes were fine, they work in my work place and know we always use computers. I also have a vdu non reflective screen cover to cut blur etc.

I will cut down on the tablets, the tramacet were given to me to help with the neck aches. Posture is a problem. I have always had bad posture and am a bit hunchback, my shoulders are not back and straight and curve inwards and I have a slight hunchback going on. When I try to keep straight and upright I get real sore shoulders and my neck seems worse and get a lot of tension. Is there anything that can help with posture?

I have had a lot of blood tests done over the years but don't know if any were for iron or glucose levels. I have had a diabetic test done though.

Exercise wise, I walk to work and home again which is around a 4 mile walk each day and play 90 minutes of football every Friday. How do I know if I am suffering from stress or depression?


Expert:  Pauline replied 7 years ago.

Thanks for the extra information. Your exercise level sounds good but you do need to increase your fluid levels, dehydration is a really possibility.

In terms of your posture there are a couple of things to think about and tend to involve complementary practitioners such as chiropractors, therapeutic massage and the Alexander technique. This last technique is very good for posture and back problems however if you actually have a physical deformity causing unsymmetrical shoulders then you should be checked out by an orthopedic team. Your GP can refer you after he/she does a screening examination.

Your GP is also the person to discuss depression and stress. Key issues that he/she will ask about include: appetite, sleeping habits, general mood, activities that you currently do, and recent changes from activities and also look at how long you have had the problems.

Have a look at this website: here local GP's are using it for people with mild/moderate depression.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.


I have been drinking a lot more water now, but is tea ok to drink?

I think it may be a good idea to see a chiropractor about my neck problem and see what they say. I do tend to sit forward when at my computer and not sit back resting against the chair.

I was a bit worried when I read the attachment about depression. Some of those sound like me.... I dont like to wake up in the morning, especially when its dark. My mood seems ok when I am at work but when I get home I become snappy and moody to my wife when she talks, I don't know why I do it.

My typical day is.....

Wake at 5:30-6:30 - have a coffee

Start work at 7:30

09:00 have a coffee and a snack for breakfast, a pack of crisp and chocolate bar and a banana

10:30 - drink coffee/tea

11:30 dinner time - Usually have rice + curry or noodles or sandwich with crisp and chocolate + 1 piece of fruit accompanied with a juice or can of coke

14:00 drink time coffee/tea + glass of water

16:00 - drink time again usually tea + water with a snack, either apple or crisp

17:30-1800 finish work and walk home

19:00 - 19:30 tea time, normally fish + rice or roast dinner with veg, or chips and curry with a glass of juice or cup of tea

22:00 - 23:00 bead time

From my typical day do you see any changes I can make to my routine which can make me feel any better about myself? Any changes to the foods I eat, what should I be eating to give me long lasting energy through the day and make the headaches and tiredness go away?

Again above is a typical day with no exercise apart from the walk home and to work, on Tuesdays I go swim and Fridays is football night so they are a bit different and the weekends are obviously a bit different. However I normally work mon-sat inc.

This is really starting to get me down and I am tired of feeling so rubbish. Always tired and constant headaches. Can you advise something please?

A bit more information about me for you.... I am 5 ft 10, and weigh 9. I am of very slim build (28" waist) and I deem myself to be underweight and skinny although the doctors say I am about right.

I tend to have a lot of diarrhea, especially in the morning, this has been checked by the doctors and blood tests among others have been carried out and again they say they see nothing to be too concerned about.

I assume the next one is to do with the tiredness but I get a lot of burning on my eyes. I sometimes use eye drops which are widely available to relieve the hot burning tired eye feeling.

If you want any other information please ask.

Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it.

Expert:  Karel1 replied 7 years ago.

You may also want to have your blood checked for thyroid trouble or anemia. You could be suffering from migraine, an MRI should be done by a neurologist. There are many meds to help with different types of headache.