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My baby has been sneezing, coughing with watery teary red eyes

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My baby has been sneezing, coughing with watery teary red eyes and a has a runny this a cold or some type of allergy..he is 6 months old and does not have a fever..

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There are two things that set a cold apart from allergy.

A cold will almost always cause body aches and pains, and sometime cause a fever.

Allergy's almost always cause watery itchy eyes.

With that said, the only true way to know is to have allergy testing done.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Is there anything I can do to help him now besides getting the testing? Isn't 6 months too early to have allergies?
No six months is not too early for allergies, However there is a great debate as to if one should give allergy medication to a baby of his age. Most doctors do not give medication to children under the age of 2, unless the child is severely effected.

For now keeping the house free of dust and mold, may help. Keep a damp cloth to clean his eyes often during the day. The use of a HEPA filter on you AC if very helpful.

Keeping a log, of when he does have these problems, as in what the weather is like, or time of season, can help you and your doctor determine the best course of action.

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