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hi I got fiberglass dust accidentally blown into my eyes

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I got fiberglass dust accidentally blown into my eyes during work 2 days back. my eyes feel like needles being pricked inside especially when I move my eyes or blink.. I have washed eyes several times with water but no progress. I also made a mistake by putting eye drops which may have caused the dust to go further deep inside my eyes. what is the usual treatment given in such a situation ?

You should go to either the Emergency room or to see an opthalmologist. They would be able to look at your eyes and see if some material is still stuck to the eye itself and remove it. They could see if you have a corneal abrasion as a result of this material. They could prescribe eye drop to make the eyes less painful. They could also prescribe antibiotic drops for the eyes if needed.. I think that you need to have someone look at your eyes. This isnt someone that you want to just let go. Things could get worse. You never want to mess around with your vision. Hope that helps, hope you get treatment and relief soon.





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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I washed eyes well 4-5 times that day with water and put eye drops. now im ok.
thats great, thanks for updating me. I really appreciate the followed up, not everyone lets me know how things ended up. glad to hear your better.