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to many doctors with no resolove to what is causeing his pain

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My husdand was lifting a heavy berrel at work about six years ago. While lifting he turned at the   same time pulling something that cause intense pain in his grone. He has been to many doctors with no resolove to what is causeing his pain. For along time it only aggervated him after working for long periods of time. Now he is not even able to sit without being in sever pain all the time. And he has not slept well in a very long time. He has continued to work without takeing any time off. The chief complaint is swelling of the left gonad with pain continuing downthe left leg also with visable swelling in the leg. Most currently pain in the lower abdomen. He has had many test such as MRI, Ultra sounds and nerve blocks, ect. but no one can seem to find the underling cause. He is getting severly depressed with feeling of hopelessness. We have a very active 9 year old that he can't play with, never mind the stress on our relationship. Please what shoul we do??
Dawn in Culpeper, Va.
Unfortunately, it appears that he has undergone a fairly complete evaluation of his pain -- and it is unfortunately that the MRI did not reveal a cause for his pains.

I would want to make sure that he has had a MRI of the lumbar spine in evaluation, as that can cause the pain sin the lower back that can radiate down into the groin area, or the leg.

If all of this has been done, I would want to investigate an evaluation with a neurologist -- and perhaps a test called a EMG / nerve conduction study -- which can evaluate to see if there is evidence of nerves being irritated in the lower back or the leg.

If all of this has been done, then visiting a pain management specialist for steroid injection and pain medications to manage the pain would be best.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to treat pain without knowing the cause -- and evaluation by a neurologist may be the most helpful in trying to find this cause.
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