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I have been ill w/erosive gastritis. I had to have transfusion.

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I have been ill w/erosive gastritis. I had to have transfusion. I am home now and am doing well except swollen feet..keeps increasinf. my dr said no more than 20 mg of norvasc daily. what can I do/



Thank you for writing to JustAnswer with your question.


You may be aware of this, but besides calling your doctor to let him know of the increasing edema and so that he/she can possibly prescribe you a diuretic (Norvasc helps blood pressure and has effects to strengthen your heart, but is not primarily a diuretic) there are measure you can take:


Elevating your legs. When possible getting your legs up to hip level or even level with your heart at least 3 times per day can help.


Compression stockings or TED hosiery. These can help a great deal. When possible you will want to put them on when your legs are the least swollen. For many people this would be when they wake up in the morning.


Of course monitoring your salt intake is important. This means no salty snacks like chips or pretzels or highly processed foods like fast foods. You may be aware of checking the labels for soups and some prepared foods that are made with lower salt, but if not, those should be your choice at this time.


Exercise the muscles in your legs when ever you think about it, several times an hour even. Are you familiar with isometric exercises? Those are exercises you do with your muscle while you still remain in one place. The reason why this will help is because your veins have one way valves in them that prevent the blood from going back down into the legs. The valves will not work if the legs are not moved. Pumping the muscles a bit every so often will help the blood go up back towards the heart as it should.


This is an article from the Mayo clinic about edema in case you want to read more about causes:


If your edema has worsened, since you last saw your doctor, it will be important to call or see your doctor so that he/she can increase or add medication, or draw labs to see if there is a change in your electrolyte balance.


To summarize, elevate your legs, apply compression hosiery, perform exercises moving your legs or/and contracting the muscle while you sit (isometric exercise), remove highly salty foods, and notify your doctor if this is an increase in edema.



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