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i feel like i have heat going thru my ankle into my foot,,

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i feel like i have heat going thru my ankle into my foot,, not all day but it happens a few times during the day
Is this the top of your foot?

Or the bottom of the foot?

Do you have back issues? Or thigh / calf issues?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

it is the top of my foot,, it feels like i am getting intravenous heat running thru my ankle and top of my foot,,but not all day..

i do not have back issues but i do have neck issues,,,

and i thougt that maybe it could be coming from my back or neck but i feel it only in my ankle and foot

Do you wear tight fitting shoes?

Or high heels (if you are a woman)?

Or cross your legs often?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

yes i cross my legs alot and i guess i have tight shoes..

you will think i am crazy but it is like a heating pad on my foot, and i was wondering what the symptoms of a blood clot is since i know people get them in there legs..

you must think i am crazy but it is a wierd feeling


Just having the sensations over the top of the foot makes me think that your symptoms could be from too much pressure on the nerve that runs over the top of the foot, and that could be getting pressed on by shoes that are too tight.

Similar symptoms can come from crossing the legs too much - as the nerve next to the knee can get pressed there as well, causing pain/altered sensation over the shin and the top of the foot.

Symptoms of a blood clot (if there are any) are usually redness, swelling, warmth, tenderness in the calf muscle itself -- probably not the top of the foot.

I would try not crossing your legs, and wearing less tight shoes (and/or flats) to see if this improves -- of course seeing your doctor for an exam is helpful.
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