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Dr PG M.D.
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MRI has revealed Cervical disc herniation C5-6 C6-7 did have

Resolved Question:

MRI has revealed Cervical disc herniation C5-6 C6-7 did have pins and needles and numbness right arm with loss of feeling to thumb and index finger that has improved but i am experiencing very painful headaches starting at base of skull over head into right side of face jaw and ear. Also experiencing strange tingling over face and in mouth could you advise thanks Christabelle
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr PG M.D. replied 8 years ago.
The symptoms of the pins and tingling in the thumb and fingers are quite consistent with the herniated C5 - C7 discs.
However the tingling on the face and mouth is not explainable on this basis.
I would advise that you need to get specific therapy with medications (conservative) initially for this cervical disc herniation. If no relief occurs, possible surgery for this would be needed.
However for the tingling numbness of the face further evaluation by your neurologist for possible involvement of the facial nerve/ neurological problem in the brain may need to be looked in to, and managed accordingly,
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