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My belly button has a red rash ring around it and it is very

Resolved Question:

My belly button has a red rash ring around it and it is very painful. I gently cleaned the inside with some alcohol on a qtip and there was an odor and some blood what could be wrong and what should I do?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr Singh replied 8 years ago.


welcome to justanswer and thanks for your question.

Bleeding in belly button area is usualy as a result of demage to the small cappillaries of our body suface and may be due to many reasons like ,trauma,coagulation/platelet disorders(ie blood clotting problems) ,some infections etc however there were cases in which acute pancreatitis had a symptom of naval/belly button bruising accompanied with pain..

in your case it seems you have Omphalitis is infection of the umblical stump and predominantly disease of neonates ,but in adults also have been reported..

my advice to you !

you have to make visit to your doctor for topical Antibiotic cream.(to prevent infection)

don't scratch or touch affected area.

wash the area with luke warm water and mild soap.

avoid putting any moisturizers or other oily products on the affected area.

i suspect that infection may not increase as you already presenting with discharge and bleeding..

Have an appointment with your doctor for clinical examination.

i hope this information is useful,



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