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Pauline, Doctor (MD)
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I have several open sores on my face and arms mostly, but a

Resolved Question:

I have several open sores on my face and arms mostly, but a few on my legs and if I take some Purell and rub on my body anywhere within a few minutes a small black speck will surface. I can actually feel them if I have put the purell on my arms and one falls and onto my skin in another place, it becames red and starts to sting and then the skin turns white. I am afraid that I might have a bactiral or viral infection, but every Doctor I see thinks I am nuts and it is just my nerves, and I get an antidressant. Do you know of anyone else that have weird black things coming out of there skin? I can see them, but no one else has because it takes time and no one has the time. Thanks for any help at all! Teresa
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Pauline replied 7 years ago.

The change in color to the skin (redness, stinging and white) is related to the astringent effect of the alcohol in the Purell. I cannot think of a black parasite that would behave as you describe. Scabies (a skin mite) tend not to be black however if you see a dermatologist then skin scraping will confirm the presence of mites if they are there.


I would recommend that you keep some adhesive tape handy, the next time you see a black speck, apply the tape to lift it of the skin then seal it on a sheet of white paper. That will allow the dermatologist to see it.


Lice are black, but large enough that you can see with the naked eye on body hair, eyebrows etc.


You would not see a bacteria or virus as these need microscopes to identify. Ther dermatologist wll also be able to determine what the sores are. I would recommend that you stop using the Purell as it is iritating to the skin when used regularly on areas that are softer thsn the hands.


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