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Hi, My testicles hurt at times. Especially when I havent had

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Hi, My testicles hurt at times. Especially when I haven't had a release of sperm for a time. I use to masterbate but I don't do that no more. Last wet dream was about 2 months ago. Back in the days of masterbation. I masterbate and the problem went away. Is this what they call: blue balls. Never had sex. any advice??
Blue balls is the term used when a person has an erection for a long time during sex without having ejaculation and has a pain in the scrotum due to pooling of blood.

So your condition is not exactly blue balls.

Not releasing the sperm would not in itself cause testicular pain. Even if you do not have ejaculation, you should not have any actual pain in the testes.

Pain around the testicle could often be a sign of inflammation of the testicles or its linings, called orchitis and epididymitis respectively. This may be due to trauma, strain or an infection; since you get it only occassionally, it is likely to be a mild form. You should not worry much about this, it is easily contained. But you have to consult your physician, a urologist if possible. Usually physical examination will confirm the diagnosis, but an ultrasound may be needed. In any case, the treatment is usually simple and it resolves by itself.

Support: Use underwear which gives firm support to your scrotum. This will help to relieve the pain. On the other hand, the underwear should not be too tight.
Medications: Take Tab. Motrin 200 mg (available OTC) twice daily.
Avoid strenuous exercises for at least a week.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hmm, Interesting. Why does the pain go away when ejaculation takes place? And generally it starts in the left teste. The teste is like swollen, when it hurts and sometime it hurts bad enough that the whole genital area hurts. And also I found out that when I lie down on my back it helps to relieves the pain. Just more info. The way it looks I may have an infection going on? Thanks.
Yes, it does appear like an infection.

Semen is stored in the seminal vesicles mainly, and also the other reproductive organs. Collection of semen can cause pressure in the area leading to pain because of the already existent inflammation. Hence you get more pain when there is a build up. This is also the cause why there is relief on lying down.

You should go for a checkup with a urologist.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks you, I did some research on those two words were. And it describe it on the nail. Thanks for your time.