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I have an 8mm Kidney Stone in my right kidney. Ive been to

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I have an 8mm Kidney Stone in my right kidney. I've been to the ER twice. The first time on 11/27/08 CT scan showed 6.6mm. On 12/15/08 it grew to 8mm. I have lithotripsy scheduled for 01/13/09 but I feel like that is so far away. What are the chances of this stone trying to pass before 01/13/09?
It seems like your kidney stone size is increasing. Usually smaller stones 4-5 mm can easily pass through urinary track without causing much problem, but any stone larger than 6mm causes severe pain and had difficulty passing through. As you have 8mm, I think it will be difficult to pass through urinary system.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
To clarify, I asked what are the chances of this 8mm TRYING to pass by 01/13/09. I know it's almost physically impossible to pass without medical intervention. My concern is the stone attempting to move into the uterer BEFORE my scheduled lithotripsy. Will it stay put?
Well that is very difficult to predict whether the stone will move into ureter, the only thing that I can say is that smaller stone has more chance of getting into the track as compared to larger one, your stone is 8 mm and has relatively more chance of getting into the ureter but still it can not be predicted.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I've been having anxiety attacks about this. So, sorry to be a bother. I am really looking for a less vague answer and more of the likelihood of it moving.

Is four weeks ample time for a stone of that size to pass?
Will there be warning signs?

It's too stressful for me to wait 4 weeks until my apointment, when at any moment the stone could break loose from the kidney.
Well I know it's very difficult time for you, but there is no medical test to predict it, the best you can do is to look for earlier appointment if possible. The chance of breaking the stone without any intervention is very less. Although unpredictable, but you can have another attack in 4 weeks as you stone is smaller. Usually there won't be any warning sign, it just starts and become severe.
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