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My scalp itches badley, mostly at night

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Help my scalp is itching badley, mostly at night. it affects my husband and child as well. i have been to the doctors who said i dont have nits, dandruff and my scalp isnt red, and she has no idea. its driving us all crazy:-(

Since when you have this prob? Are you taking any medications? Any allergic conditions in the past? Is your hair falling? In day time do you use any hair sprays? How often you use hair dryer?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi. its been going on for qbout 4 months. I use a hair dryer but my kids and husband do not and they have the same symptons. None of us are on medicatrion. None of us are allergic to anything (to my knowledge). I never use sprays, although my husband does.

its really around the skull (crown) of our heads and its really getting us all down:-( Please help, could it be an allergy but only affect a certain area of the head?

are your husband/children also have it since 4 months?

have you this kind of itching on other part of the body?

any flaking or dryness in the scalp?

during the itching have you noticed any inflamation or redness on the scalp?

what you do to relieve it ?(any remdies you use)

during night at what time it starts?and for how long it continue?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

HI/ Yes we have all had the same symptoms for about 4 months

No other itching on any other part of hte body

no flaking or dryness of the scalp (checked by Doctors all of us!!)

when we are all scratching at night, our heads are sore, my kids cry sometimes but by the morning its OK again (not completely gone but not half as bad as nightime. Our heads are sorer at night.

We have changed shampoo, added oil to our diet, tried not washing our hair for a few days to let the oils build up. It starts about 6pm and goes on through the night for about 8 hours. We have tried nit control (even though the doctor said we didn't have nits), tried putting almond oil in to soothe the scalpe, nothings working, as i am writing this my scalp is driving me crazy!!!!

are you taking any vitamins,or any thing related to food, before all of you go to bed?i mean anything in common?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
no-one is taking any vitamins. i have been racking my brains as it has to be something we are all doing!!! We eat our dinner (which is different every night), maybe some chocolate occasionally and then go to bed. I wash the sheets regularly. Could it be an allergy to chocolate or potatoes maybe? I have not been tested for allergies, none of us have.

how many members in your family?

have you went somewhere in 4 months back(summer house etc?)

have you got checked up for any parasitic infections?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

there are 4 members in my family and we have all got the same symptons with varying degrees, always worse at night.

i have not been checked for parasitic infections.

We all went to Lanzarote in Spain in August.............shall i insist on being checked for parasitic infections? It was only spain, i thought that sort of thing only happened in really far away places:-)

I suggest you go for a stool checkup for microscopic examination..parasitic infections may result in immune reactions ,resulting in rashes and itches..

i also suggest you not to ignore this problem and visit an allergologist for test for allergies...

Other causes can be pediculosis but you doctor have already excluded this cause..

Rashes and other skin manifestations can also be due to pets(pet hairs,fleas etc). Try to change the detergent that you use for washing your clothes... If you are having a storage tank for water usage please get it cleaned or checked ..

if you are using an aircon , get it checked and cleaned.. Use some antiinfective agent for cleaning floors,, try keeping the pets away from the bedroom area ,till the cause of this condition is not found... try to check your surroundings,any new building constructions etc may also result in allergic reactions since construction material may also be allergic in nature..

i hope this will help!

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