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I have been treated for a chronic infection and choleastoma

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I have been treated for a chronic infection and choleastoma right ear over the last 9 months seeing ENT. approx every 5 weeks for cleaning. approx 3 months ago - he told me that a large pocket was left and he blew in some dry powder violently to reach deep inside and dry it out. From that time onward I had a discharge at the back of my throat out of reach from coughing and leaving me wanting to gag. I mentioned it twice to ENT nurse who told me to irrigate. Symtoms got worse. 3 weeks ago I was put on 2,000mg x 10 days of generic antibiotic because ENT went inside my sinuses and found a cyst on the right side. This Tx did nothing and now I am on generic bactrim 1800mg - no change after a week. I had a CAT scan today and ENT will determine whether to op. on both my ear and sinuses at same time - I went for a routine vision test last week and they found a narrow angle 10 degrees (glaucoma) right eye. My question - could the cyst in sinuses be linked to my ear tx? ...could the whole of my right face issues be related?



In answer to your question it sounds that you have two separate issues (well 3 counting the glaucoma) The cholesteatoma of the ear is unrelated to the cyst development in your sinus. The sinus cyst is likely to block the normal drainage out of the sinus and IS likely to be related to the recurrent sinus infections. I hope this helps to clarify your situation. I'll be happy to address any follow up questions if you have any.


Best Regards, XXXXX XXXXX MD

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you. (It just seemed strange to me that the sinus problem started WHILST I was being treated by an ENT specialist! As the passages are so close together, I had thought perhaps some of the powder had irritated the sinus. It is so strange that it is all on the right side).

I am not getting sinus infections. He has put me on two lots of strong antibiotics for 10 days twice because he told me that's the standard procedure before operating. I have no blockage in the sinus - just this awful gunge which sits at the back of the throat and goes down and leaves me wanting to gag - when I can get it up, it is chunky, green and blood stained and smells foul.. SORRY TO BE SO GRAPHIC.. to be honest with you, I am frightened that the cyst is something sinister... I am quite happy to pay more for your response - this has been a hell of a year...!

Hello again!


Glad to be of help. The drainage you describe is post-nasal drainage. Your description of its character sounds like it may correspond with an infection. (By the way as docs we are very difficult to gross out so don't worry! ) You may help to thin out the drainage and help it to clear out by taking Mucinex (or other product OTC that contains guafenesin )and drink plenty of fluids.


Good Luck, Anthony Bray MD

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you for your time. I just don't understand If it is an infection, why it won't clear up with the strong antibiotic tx which I've had over the last 3 weeks.