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Edward Johnson
Edward Johnson, U.S. Army Medic
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I suffered a deep laceration via the edge of my ski,on the

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I suffered a deep laceration via the edge of my ski,on the side/back of my thigh just above the knee joint.The cut was clean, about three inches long and deep enought to cut my muscle.The ER called in a surgeon to have a look and he determined that the cut was not severe enough to stitch the muscle nor have an MRI done.What is the protocal for recovery of the cut muscle?

Dear gpnnaylor,


are you a medical professional? I need to make sure I am speaking the right langauge when we use the word protocal.


Protocall is a normally developed at various levels and for varoius purposes.


A physician may have develped a treatment protocol for how to handle emergencies, URI's, and how to sticth or evaluate such an injury as yours.


But the protocols may vary by clinic, hospital, and the AMA or board of osteopathic surgeons, etc.


they are primarily developed to provide consistent treatement and to reduce risk, being a critical part of risk assessment and management.


So i am wondering just what you mean when you ask what is the protocal of recoery of cut muscle.


Do you really mean what is the musles abilty to recover from such a laceration?


do yo mean what is the recommended treatment for such a laceration?



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I'm askin what is the recommended treatment for such a laceration.

Dear Gpnnaylor,


The recommended treatment for this type of laceration is what is referred to as delayed or open closure.


suturing muscle is considered aggressive treatment is reserved for very special circumstances.


Muscle heals very easily and generally with little if any scars or keloids. IN particular lacerations are by definition very clean and have very little jagged un matching surfaces.


Suturing of muscle would normally be done where the edges were not able to be approximated without it.


Where muscle had to be reattached to ligaments and bones.


In order to stop bleeding from arteries by suturing arterial muscles.


Closing surgically produced wounds such as occurs in open abdominal surgery, to provide closure.


The suture needles themselves cause damage, so a surgeon would not typically sew a muscle if the needle would cause as much damage as the laceration.


In a situation where a muscle has a laceration rather than an evulsion, the recommended treatment is delayed closure, meaning no sutures, to allow the wound to heal on its own from the inside out.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
sorry for the confusion...I guess my question is how long should I rest it before rehabing/exercising? whats the time frame for the healing of the muscle?

Dear gpnnaylor,


In that particular location you shoudl regain full mobility of the muscle, meaning full strength at yoru age of about 6 weeks. You can have healing at about 10 days, but only at about 65 to 80 percent of strength. there will be some good adhesion and apparent healing at 5 fdays, but i would not put it under stress at that point.



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