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For the last several months I have been experiencing a strange

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For the last several months I have been experiencing a strange sensation in my throat/stomach.When I swallow any carbonated drinks my stomach throbs for about 10 seconds with no pain. I also have noticed after I eat I develope a huge amount of mucus build up in my throat which makes me have to clear my throat for a period of time.


Excess of mucus secretion seems to the cause of your symptoms.

It may be due to sinus problem.

If this is due to Viral infection , then it can get treated with otc medications, For bacterial sinus infections .You need to take antibiotic like Amoxicillin or


Take excess of fluids. Also you need to have chest x-ray .Also do steam inhalation. Take a bowl of hot water, and put 2 tsf of salt in it. You can also put menthol in it if you have some

Also Drink a glass of warm lemon juice daily.You can Improve your immunity by taking a multivitamin multi mineral supplement. Please make an appointment with ENT doctor,, for examination.


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