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I recently took an 9hour road trip in a car, got to the ...

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I recently took an 9hour road trip in a car 2 weeks ago now, got to the destination walked around the second day, on the third day woke up with both calves cramping up, when I went to stand they were very stiff. As I walk around the pain decreased. The pain came back a little bit the next day but the extreme pain is now gone. Walking relieved my extreme pain. From time to time I still pains throughout my legs including my ankles. I went to my doctors and got all the standard blood tests done, potassium everything else checked out fine. Have elevated cholestrol and history of vascular disease in the family. Should I ask for further testing, could this have been a blood clot since I did travel for an extended period? Thanks

Hello Jane,

Your symptoms can be typical for sitting for a long period of time, especially on an airline flight or road trip. It is so important to stop, get up and move around to keep circulation to the legs moving well. Are you doing more walking at this time than you usually do. Leg cramping can be caused by low potassium (eat a small banana every day). low calcium level (ask the doctor if the level was checked and if you need a supplement), dehydration (drink plenty of water and low sugar drinks). Also, wherever you travelled to, was there any change in altitude, because high altitude can increase dehydration and create symptoms). You do not describe symptoms of having a blood clot. Concerning your family history of vascular disease, you can be evaluated by a vascular specialist, but I don't think it is necessary at this time unless symptoms worsen.


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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Relist: I still need help.
My calcium/potassium are all fine, I was walking more than normal per say, and probably wasn't drinking enough to stay hydrated as it was very humid. Does stopping every 4 hours enough on a road trip to get out and walk around? Or is there the possibility of problems happening before if one doesn't get out and exercise. Is stretching legs out in the car good enough as well to keep circulation going if stopping isn't a possibility? So these strong pinching pains and tightness that keep coming and going in my legs are nothing of concern, sorry to ask, going on an extended vacation overseas and want to make sure that I don't need to see the family MD again before I leave at the end of the week.