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Can a downsloping Acromion be caused by an accident I ...

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Can a downsloping Acromion be caused by an accident? I recently fell off a loading dock, landed on my shoulder and face. Having all kinds of problems with my shoulder now.
Actually, it turns out the "type II acromion" (the downsloping type) occurs between 42-68% of patients, and is seen so often it is a normal variant. It is how your bone is formed, and not a result of the accident.

It does, because of the downsloping curve, make it more likely to cause impingement syndromes, because there is less space for the tendons of the rotator cuff. These can all be exacerbated by accidents, such as the one you had.

Should you continue to have problems, you would be best served by being seen by an orthopedist.
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