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I have recently found a small tear above my anus and before ...

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I have recently found a small tear above my anus and before my back in my butt..Its like the crease for my butt is ripping apart. Im not sure how this happened but what do I need to do and what is going on?


This type of fissure in the "gluteal crease" is relatively common. A variety of things can cause the skin to breakdown and crack, including trauma (too much scratching of an itch, over aggressive hygiene after a bowel movement, as examples), a fungal infection or dry skin.

If one has risk factors for sexually transmitted disease (multiple sexual partners, homosexual activity, previous history of STD's or any partner with risk factors) then immediate medical evaluation is indicated. If not then evaluation is also indicated if the problem has been present for a week or more. If none of the above applies, then it could be safe to attempt local care with a barrier salve (petroleum jelly or zinc oxide) for a week prior to seeing a doctor.


Dr. Schwartz

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