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course of about 4 hours on the left side of my chest

Resolved Question:

On Sunday I experienced on and off discomfort over the course of about 4 hours on the left side of my chest. It was not severe, but disconcerting as I had not eaten anything that would cause indigestion. If I lied down in bed the pain would go away. When I got up, it would come back slowly. I was not active, but when standing or even sitting up the discomfort was there. Eventually it went away, but for the past two days (Monday and Tuesday) I have had a very dull, on and off again, ache in my left arm. I am 35 yr old male. Non-smoker. Moderate drinker. I am overweight by a fair bit (5'' 10", 220 lbs), but I am active and have been exercising moderately.   I had my cholesterol checked in the fall and it was good. The more I read online, it seems like this may have been a heart problem and I should go to the ER. That seems extreme because I feel really good except a vague pain in my arm. What should I do???
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Josh replied 9 years ago.


Pain in left side of chest, should always be checked for cardiac origin, So firstly get an EKG done..Other reason can be pull in the muscles or ligaments of ribs, cosntochondritis, or stress and anxiety.

So a proper physical examination is must along with EKG ,along with Chest X-Ray. See your Physician, for further follow up.My advice is that you should be seen by doctor soon, so that caridiac cause is rule out .

Take Care.

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