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Experience:  I have been a Registered Nurse for 11 years, practicing as a school RN, now in an OB/GYN office
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My daughter got hit in the nose last night by a softball.

Resolved Question:

My daughter got hit in the nose last night by a softball. It bleed very fast and for a long time. I pinched her nose to get it to stop bleeding. It was bleeding at the rate of filling up my hand in about 5 seconds. About 1 hour after it happened it started leaking like she had been crying. She sounds really congested now and that is what concerns me. She said it bleed a little bit today at school. Do I need to take her in to see the doctor or is this normal?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Rylee-RN,CNM replied 9 years ago.


I recommend you take your daughter to the doctor asap. She could have a broken nose, or a fractured nose which needs treatment. However what concerns me the most is the leaking of fluid as if she had been crying. This can signify CSF rhinorrhea which is leaking of cerebral spinal fluid draining from the brain into the nose . Sometimes a hard blow to the nose can also be a head injury as well, and if this is the case your daughter needs medical treatment. Your doctor will want to run tests and make sure this is not the case. Please seek treatment, and let me know i you have any further questions. Thanks

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