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I have a pain on the outside of my wind pipe when I

Resolved Question:

I have a pain on the outside of my wind pipe when I swallow. It is on the right side of my neck, about halfway between my jaw line and my collarbone. It seems to be getting gradually worse. What could this be? It is NOT on the inside of my throat!
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. J replied 9 years ago.


Interesting and common question. As you may have been reading there are many conditions that can cause neck pain and pain with swallowing. Not all are related to inside of your throat. As you feel around your neck there are several structures, some you can feel, others you cannot. Your wind pipe (trachea), thyroid, esophageus, lymph nodes, blood vessels, muscles etc all are in that region and a problem with any one of them can potentially cause the sensation you have.

trachea (wind pipe)- usually doesn't cause swallowing pain per se, but a growth on the trachea could push on the esophageus when you are swallowing and could cause the pain.

Lymph nodes- can be normally enlarged, enlarged from infection, and always have to consider lymphoma. The can cause swallowing pain for the same reason as above.

Thryroid - goiters or nodules can also push on the esophageus causing swallowing pain.

muscles- can have absecess than can push from the outside

esophageus - the cause of your swallowing pain may actually be inside your esophageus (feeding tube). there are many things that can cause this including chronic irritation, distortion of the structures (webs and rings), and masses.


The best thing to do is to see your doctor who can do a complete physcial exam and order the appropriate tests which can range from blood work to ultrasounds to scopes.

Good Luck,

Dr. J

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