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nt want to go back to that restaurant beccuase I was afraid

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It all started when my boyfriend and I went out to a resturaunt and he had diarrhea from the food. I have a huge phobia of being sick i was on anxiety medicine when I was younger becuase i am so scared of being sick. I didn''t want to go back to that restaurant beccuase I was afraid of getting diarrhea. My boyfriend insisted we go so we did. I was nervous the whole time I was eating but I ate anyway. When we left we went shopping and I felt the need to go to the bathroom so I did and I had diarrhea. I went about 4 times and insisted on going home. When I got home the need to go to the bathroom almost disappeared and I was fine. This happened again about a week later at another restaurant and I started to think there was something wrong. I researched online and came up with IBS. So I started getting nervous about IBS I have been having diarrhea in the mornings now bc I wake up feeling anxious. Do you think this is all bc of anxiety?
Are you having any blood in stools?

Is diarrhea watery ?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
There is no blood I actually went to the hospital after I went to one of the restaurants and they tested my stool and said there was no blood. I guess it might be watery most of the time it sinks to the bottom of te toilet sometimes it is bordering on diarrhea and a little solid. But every morning when I wake up I have that anxious feeling in my stomach never any pain though.
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