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How long does it take for the liver to return to

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How long does it take for the liver to return to normal after abstinence from drinking?


This is a very difficult question to answer with any certainty as it depends on many factors including the amount of alcohol consumed, how frequently, and how affected the liver is (as measured by blood tests checking the level of liver enzymes).

If you can clarify:

What do you mean by the liver "returning to normal?"

Are you speaking of chronic alcohol use?


Dr. Michael

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Hello Dr Michael

Thanks for responding.

I had an AST and ALT test (after two weeks of abstinence) five weeks ago that showed my levels at the high-end of the normal range apparently - AST 33 U/L and ALT 21 U/L.

Therefore I haven't had any alcohol now for seven weeks. How much longer do I need to abstain before my liver returns to an optimum state.



At this point your liver enzymes should be completely normal and your liver should be working normally.

Remember that liver enzymes can be quite variable. They can increase due to alcohol use, when medications (prescription or over-the-counter) are taken, and when hepatitis is present.

I would, of course, that you continue to abstain from alcohol use. However, if you do resume using alcohol please do so only in moderation. The risk of developing liver cirrhosis (which is permanent) is just not worth it.

Take care and good luck,

Dr. Michael

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