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Hello, Im 2 days past my expected period start date. Im ...

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Hello, Im 2 days past my expected period start date. Im usually 26-28 days and regular like clock work. I purchased e.p.t certainty home pregnancy test and used both tests with a pregnant result on each of them. How many test should I do? Is there an error in both tests? Im 33 yrs old and never been pregnant. My fiance and I are not sure if I should go buy another test? Thank you for responding...Heidi


I know EPT has digital tests and if the ones you took were the digital, I would suggest doing a different brand as the digital are known to give false readings.

It is always best to test for pregnancy at least 10 days after a missed period. As some womans hCG levels don't rise fast enough. But if you do get another Positive reading with a different brand test, it is then best to confirm it with your doctor which most often is via a blood test.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Reply to Lindie's Post: Would both tests be a false reading? I was told that digital were the best on the market? well what brand should i try next? regular ept non digital be better. After reading alot on line the information in general was that it didnt matter what brand or test it was they all measure levels of hcg in urine. I guess the only way to find out is to go to the Dr. It makes in nonsensical to even sell over the counter tests if you cant get an exact answer and still question whether you are indeed pregnant. It seems strange that both tests would be positive? I know many women go to PCP, just after a few days of a missed cycle and are given urine tests and then blood hcg. Even that can be a false negative. Thank you for your reply.

EPT non digital is fine or first response. But just to make sure, it's always better to just go with a different brand all together. Plus do make sure to use your first morning urine.

There are some woman that will get a high hCG reading even before a missed period, and there are some that a urine test won't pick up hCG as they need a blood test. Don't compare yourself to others as we are all different. Chances are you may be pregnant, but it's best just to confirm.

Best of luck