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I was born the doctor hit me to get me to cry and breathe

Customer Question

First I would like to say that birth is not my thing to pay attention to. My mom tells me that when I was born the doctor "hit" me to get me to cry and breathe. What does that mean? How did he "hit" me? With his fist, back hand, or open hand? When and where did he hit me? On my head, my swaddling blanket, or my diaper?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  nursetips replied 9 years ago.


If a baby is born not breathing sometimes they pat the baby firmly on the back so that the baby with take a breath. Babies are very small and sometimes the "forget" to breathe. The pat on the back will allow them to take that breath and get some oxygen to their lungs. It is not like beating a baby it is just a firm pat to assist them. I hope this helps you.