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Dr. Scott W
Dr. Scott W, Physician (MD)
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Hi. I can see and feel a pulse in my upper/ mid abdomen ...

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Hi. I can see and feel a pulse in my upper/ mid abdomen that seems to beat at the same time as my heart beat- is this normal? I also have general discomfort in my abdomen and lower back which I''ve had for a couple of days- I don''t know whether I should go to the doctor. I am generally fit and healthy.

That pulsing sensation in your abdomen is your aorta, the main blood vessel from your heart to your abdomen and legs. The pulsing sensation may not be abnormal. If you are very thin, it is possible to see your belly pulsating as your aorta pulses.

There are some very severe conditions that can cause this as well, such as an aortic aneurysm. Because of the possibility (though small) that this is a severe condition, yo should head to the doctor tomorrow for an in-person physical examination.

Best of luck to you!

Thanks and Happy New Year!

-Dr. Scott W, MD

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