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JE Sramek MD
JE Sramek MD, Doctor (MD)
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On my right foot - the second and third toe is

Resolved Question:

On my right foot - the second and third toe is spreading and swollan. slight bump on tendon between them. Has been there since June 07 and has now started to hurt when I put shoes on.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  JE Sramek MD replied 9 years ago.
What you're describing sounds like a Morton's Neuroma which is a benign nodule that forms around the nerves of the foot. It can cause pain, swelling and spreading of the toes. Treatment is usually conservative and consists of avoiding compressing the foot and extra padding in the shoe. Occassionally, injections or even surgery are required. Here's a link with more information: Morton's Neuroma
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