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Dr Amit Munjal
Dr Amit Munjal, Physician
Category: Health
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Experience:  B.A.M.S{Ayurveda Physician}Worked in various clinical departments like Medicine,ER,Gynae
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Dull ache on left side , below rib and pain while urinating

Resolved Question:

I have a dull ache on my left side , just below the rib cage which is more noticable when I'm sitting. However, when I urinate I get a pain in that same area until I finish. My urine seems normal color and consistency, and I have had two bowels movements today. I am not running a fever, and don't feel sick to my stomach. I have also noticed that my stomach seems more bloated recently. It looks like I'm putting on weight, but my body weight hasn't changed. This tends to increase through the day, but seems to disappear over night while sleeping. When I wake in the morning my waistline seems normal. I have had abdominal X-rays done about 7 Months ago, which included a CAT Scan and Ultrasound of all internal Organs with normal results. Thanks for reviewing and answering my question.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr Amit Munjal replied 9 years ago.


Since how long are you having these symptoms ?

Is there any associated acid reflux ?

Any associated burning while urination ?

Is the pain located on the back side ? Does this radiate to the lower abdomen ?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Dr Amit Munjal's Post: Sir,

Thank you for answering so quickly. Please see my responses below:

Since how long are you having these symptoms ? They only started within the last Two days. The discomfort has increased only in the last 24 hours though, while urinating.

Is there any associated acid reflux ? I have had Reflux in the past, but have been taking Prilosec (generic prescription) for the past couple of weeks.

Any associated burning while urination ? I haven't noticed any burning. There are times though that my system seems to really want to go, and push the urine out faster than normal, so feel alittle extra pressure. Just a note on this, I have recently had a Prostate exam, and my PSA levels on my last Blood test were 1.1

Is the pain located on the back side ? Does this radiate to the lower abdomen ? No sir, the pain seems more localized just the left side, directly on the side, below the last rib.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Just a quick update, just went to bathroom, and pain was hardly noticable.
Expert:  Dr Amit Munjal replied 9 years ago.


Sludge / stone in the kidney can cause pain in the area you describe .Also since you also have related urinary symptoms as well a urine examination and an Ultrasound examination should be considered for further evaluation in your case .

Also there can be associated hydronephrosis ( It is distention and dilation of the renal pelvis, usually caused by obstruction of the free flow of urine from the kidney.) which can also cause dull pain .

SInce there is no associated history of muscle strain , excercise or trauma further evaluation to rule out renal cause of pain should be considered especially since there is associated urinary symptoms .

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