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Are Laser Back Injections for back pain a safe procedure

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Are Laser Back Injections for back pain a safe procedure? What are some of the risks. Are the results better than steroid injections? I am scheduled Monday for Laser Injections in my back for chronic pain also pain in my left leg. I have had several years of steroid injections which no longer work. I am 72 years old and do not want back surgery yet. Only as a last resort.

Can you tell me more about:

Did you have a disc prolapse or disc lesion?

Do you have weakness in your limbs?

Im still online for help after you provide me the above information.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
No disc prolapse or disc lesion
yes, I have weakness in my limbs at times no continually.

I have had MRI's resulting in deteroiting discs in my back.
Hi Anne, you are having Spondylosis of the spine or Chronic back pain.Laser therapy also called LOW LEVEL LASER THERAPY (LLLT) is a form of phototherapy or light therapy. This involves the application of low power light to areas of the body in order to stimulate healing. It is also known as cold laser, soft laser or low intensity laser. Cold Laser Therapy is a revolutionary new treatment device for chronic and acute pain.The LTU-1000 synergistically combines cold laser and TENS technologies for remarkable healing and pain relief.

  • Effective: The electric pulse delivers150 millivolts at a width of 80MHz, matching the pulse at which the body perceives pain, thus increasing serotonin levels. The body is guided towards healing as pain is alleviated.

  • Safe: Non-thermal and non-invasive, the LT U-1000 is an FDA-approved Class II device.

  • Convenient:Fits in your pocket or on your belt; Simple to use; Powered by three 1.5 volt batteries. Use anywhere in your office, by yourself or another assistant.

  • Economical:Insurance reimbursable; Saves money, time, and energy.
It is most effective in healing and eliminating pain and is much more effective than steroids.

Low-level powers use very low power and no heating of or damage to the tissue occurs. Low-level laser treatment increases cell metabolism.

You can look up here:

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank you for the information as I am apprehensive about this new treatment. I am told it takes about a half hour and they use X-Rays to see where to put the laser. Is this the acceptable way of doing it. It involves almost the same procedure as the steroids except it takes alot more time.
Hello Anne, Im glad i could help you. Yeah, they may use Xrays or Electromagnetic rays during the procedure as there are various types of the LLLT like Infrared emitting laser therapy, laser point injections etc. It is not seen to produce side effects and has better healing properties than steroid injections. Though some people have immediate results, improvements may not be noticed until after 3-5 treatments.

I hope my answer is helpful to you.Please press the GREEN ACCEPT button to accept my answer and a positive feedback from you will be an added bonus for me.
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