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Theresa, Medical Intern
Category: Health
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Experience:  Currently a student in Medical School to obtain my MD in General Medicine
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The tops of my feet are peeling and as the skin starts to ...

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The tops of my feet are peeling and as the skin starts to peel close to the ankle - it hurts. Currently, the left foot is worse than the right. The peeling is also affecting my fingers of both hands. What causes this and what should I do to treat it?


I would love to help you with your problem. However, to provide you with the most complete answer, I will need some additional information about your condition.

1. When did this begin?

2. Does it look like there are small puss pockets or spots of tapioca so to speak in the areas that your skin is peeling?

3. Is the skin that is peeling thick and tough?

I'm looking forward to your response in order that I may be able to assist you.

Til Then...Smile

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Theresa Romaker's Post: The top skin of foot begin peeling approximately 1 1/2 weeks ago. It started with my little toe which had a blister from 06 May 2007. I had an "infection" back during that week and took a course of antibiotics (Levaquin, 7 days). The blister thickened and started peeling with thick skin approximately 2 weeks ago. Then I started forming a dry patch in the center (on top) of my foot which start spreading to the entire foot. Its peeling in a similar pattern to the way skin skin peels after a sunburn (thin layers) and there is no pus. Today its slightly itchy and still hurts closest to the ankle near the folds.

Hope this helps.


What you are describing is Dyshidrosis Eczema(blistering eczema on the hands and/or feet.

This is one of the most difficult types of eczema to treat. The hands and feet are the only places that it will appear on.

The best treatment for this follows: Apply a small amount of Hydrocortisone Cream to the affected area up to 2x daily. When I say small, I mean small. About the size of a pea if it is a large area. To obtain the most effective results with any cortisone product a small amount must be thoroughly rubbed into the area that is being treated. To much is not good.

You can purchase this at your local discount store such as Wal-Mart or K-Mart and the generic brand is fine as long as it contains 10% hydrocortisone. This will dry up the blisters and stop the itching.

After you have done this you will apply Eucerin Cream (which is also available at your local discount store) to a large band-aid and place it on your foot. The reason you will do this on your foot is because Eucerin s very emollient and thick and it will rub off on your shoes or socks. Also, the bandage keeps the area moisturized. This is needed because the soles of the feet and the palms of the hand have no sebaceous glands in them.

When the itching and blistering are gone you may discontinue the Hydrocortisone; however, will need to continue to apply the Eucerin because this type of Eczema leaves the skin areas that are affected, very tough and leather like. The emollient in the Eucerin helps prevent this and speeds the healing process.

Referencing your hands: Every time you wash your hands reapply the Eucerin Cream. And, whenever you are working and your hands are in detergent of any kind be sure to wear rubber gloves; because, many detergents are known to aggravate this.

If this information has been helpful to you then please do ACCEPT by pressing the green accept button on your screen. If i can help you with anything in the future, feel free to request my help by typing ATTN: Theresa Romaker before you type in your question or concern. Positive feedback is always appreciated.



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