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Dr. Gupta
Dr. Gupta, Doctor (MD)
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Please, what is reactive lymph node with sinus histiocytosis

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Pain in right inguina lymph nodes. Last 7 days had biospy and diagnosis came back as reactive lymph node with sinus histiocytosis. I felt fine until tonight and moderate to severe pain to back into and down into area surgery, but the pain is moreso just above the surgery area. Can you please help me ... I am tired of being ill and hurting. I have several things being treated for by different specialist, but tonight, this is what I need help with.
Thanks for contacting the medical experts at JA,
I can understand your frustration.
Without a physical examination an exact diagnosis can be difficult, however I have asked for a surgeons opinion from a colleague, and he believes that the following possibilities are likely.
  • Local infection at the incision site
  • Local nerve entrapment
I believe that these possibilities need to be evaluated by your surgeon and this needs to be appropriately managed with antibiotics/ anti-inflammatories/ nerve medicines as indicated,
all the best,

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Dr. Gupta

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Logically,   I have all intentions of calling my doctor today, but my question wss not answered.
What is a Reactive lymph node with sinus histiocytosis?

I have several more diagnosis that I need to know
"what is it". Please I have not a hint as to what a SINUS HISTIOCYTOSIS is?
I consulted a pathologist colleague and discussed your case and this is her opinion-
Reactive lymph node is seen in response to any infection mostly involving the lower limb. This infection can be after a minor trauma, insect bite or infected toe etc.
Sinus histocytosis are macrophages. They also crop up and fill the sinuses in the lymph nodes in response to an infection. Rarely, reactive lymph node with sinus histocytosis is seen in a condition called Rosai dorfman disease. But in this cervical lymph nodes are affected. Rarely, in rosai dorfman disease there can be abnormal accumulation of histiocytes in other areas of the body besides the lymph nodes (extranodal). These areas include the skin, central nervous system, kidney, and digestive tract.
Treatment for both is same- anti-inflammatories and if there is a source of infection, then that is treated.

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Dr. Gupta

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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Gaurav Gupta's Post: Now that was informative and right on your summary, as I have cyst in both kidneys and both lungs and on schedule for bi-lateral knee replacements. (questions will follow on some of these medical terms) Thank you for your professionalism and such a direct answer. I do appreciate you and your time.

In the future, I would like to request "you" to be my on-line doctor. You have "well" earned your $20 .... I know you must do this on volume because that is a low wage.

I hope you don't have surgery today .... you put some hours in on me, God bless, have a great day.
You are most welcome and any further queries are most welcome
Dr. Gupta