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Can Dislocated collar bone at mid chest be put back in place

Customer Question

I work with rapid movement of relativly heavy assembleys up to 137 Lbs. One day my shoulder started getting sore so I backed off on the speed and force applied. After 3 weeks there has been no improuvement and the pain is now clearly coming from the coller jount in at mid chest. I only recently noticed it is protruding. Can this be put back in place or is surgery a possibility.
Ralph Bartholomew
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  SUSIE . replied 10 years ago.


You need to consult prompt medical care for this problem. A skilled MD needs to evaluate the situation and x rays are needed to confirm dislocation or possible subluxation (partial or incomplete dislocation) of the collarbone. It may be possible that this be "reduced" and relocated to its normal position by a MD without surgery. However, there is concern that if it moves, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that the collarbone being dislocated could end up puncturing your lung if it moves further. Your best bet is to see a Dr. for evaluation and I would not delay doing this. Depending upon X-rays and physical exam, the Dr. will determine what is best for reduction. Might be able to reduce the dislocation by giving you IV sedation or you might end up requiring surgical intervention There si no real way to know until you are evaluated by x rays and MD.

I hope this information helps. I will remain on line if you have additional questions. I sure hope things will be better for you soon, but by all means, seek medical care. I advise using aniinflammatory meds (Advil-ibuprofen or Aleve-Naprosen) per bottle instructions to hep reduce pain and inflammation. Warm compresses for 15-20 minutes at a time 3-4 times a day but get to a Dr., please. =)