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Dr. D. Evans
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what is sinus bradycardia with 1st degree a-v block and how ...

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what is sinus bradycardia with 1st degree a-v block and how serious is it?

please describe what it is and how to correct it?

I would like to reassure you with all my heart, since you sound worried:

It is a very benign condition. Bradycardia means a low heart rate, 'sinus bradycardia' means a low heart rate emanating form a normal system. 1st degree heart block is a very benign conditon again, with no associated morbidity or mortality. It poses no danger to you and you do not need any treatment for it at all.

In fact, this type of ecg findings is often reported in atheletes,most famously in the case of the tennis player Bjorn Borg.

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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Dr. D. Evans's Post: Thank you for your response . I am a very active 44 year old who has played sports for many years and still do I had a knee minuscus (correctspell?)tear a couple of months ago and had taken some vitals tests for athroscopic surgery. it came up in the ecg , everything is delayed and orthopaedic says its beyond his field or training. has refered me to a cardiologist for clearence. Yes it raises concern to me and my question is it treatable? Mayo clinic which seemed extreme had pacemakers as treatment but nothing in between. I have read online info, (How I found you)and its suggests possible sleep apnia, hypoglycemia,or other medications which could cause condition. I do not take any medications but take many vitamins daily including 2 baby aspirin for general health (per Dr OZ on Oprah!). I do have as I get older sugar surges after eating, for carbs or a need to rest some time to quell the spike. My Uncle recently shared with me he has sleep apnia and that he was told it could be in our family and sugeested i get checked for it Other than the usual hustle and bustle and stress of life I have always been healthy and very active and for the most part eat well with the occassional pizza and chips. I don't drink alcohol or do drugs and I am sober for 22 years and haven't smoked in 18 years. Thanks for enduring the length of description. i would like to know what can I do to bring this condition to normal?

Thanks Michael Bird(NNN) NNN-NNNN

Well, you have just described a person who is very much in good health. As I said, there is not treatment necessary at all for 1st degree AV block. It is always an incidental finding in ecg. It is estimated to occur in about 1% of the general population and 8% among atheletes. Thats why you dont need to worry at all.
You dont have to do anything, and in fact there is actually nothing to do to remove this. I am quoting Dr. Lavine from this article, 'The prognosis for isolated first-degree AV block is very good'.

All you need to do is continue with your healthy lifestyle. A sinus bradycardia with first degree AV block is certainly not a contraindication to any surgery or anaesthesia, I am sure both your cardiologist and your anaesthesiologist will tell you this.

You will find the article here: