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What do High levels of mono% and Eos% in Hematology Results mean

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In my Hematology test both Mono% and Eos% were flagged as high. I wonder what this may mean.
Thank you

Hi 1pod,

Great Q--here's the Answer:

High Monos means Increased Proportion of Monocytes (in the blood). This can indicate:

- chronic inflammation
- stress response
- hyperadrenocorticism (overactive adrenal gland): RARE
- immune mediated disease
- pyogranulomatous disease
- necrosis (cell destruction)
- red cell regeneration -recent or current viral infexn. (eg. Infectious mononucleosis)

High EOS means: Increased Proportion of Eosinophil Cells in the blood:

EOS are temporarily (or chronically) increased if someone is undergoing an ALLERGIC response (eg. hay fever; food or medicine allergy; allergic rash; chemical exposure); virtually ANY type of exposure that can induce allergic response (even if youDON"T feel any sx physically, the EOS can be elevated, as a subclinical response).

I would NOT be too concerned if either level was MILDLY elevated [e.g. 1 to 4 points ABOVE normal range]; if MORE than that, however, I would call your MD to see if any further Dx tests need to be done, in order to isolate the exact cause(s).

I DO hope you found my Answer to be helpful regarding your medical condition. IF SO-please hit **ACCEPT** as you read this Answer, so that I might get credited for my time. THANKS for your trust!


Best Wishes for Your Health,

--Dr. Steve, (Your Online Family Doctor)


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