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If I suddenly stop taking diuretics how do I get rid of the swelling

Resolved Question:

I have been taking water pills for no medical reason...simply do I stop and how long will I have to battle pufiness or swelling?
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  DoctorL replied 10 years ago.

If you were simply taking them for cosmetic reasons you should definently stop. All you are doing is dehydrating yourself, and in the long run its not healthy. You can try decreasing the dose until you comletely stop in the span of a few days. Avoid eating foods thats contain a lot of salt, that will cause your body to ratain water and you will see the swelling. Try sleeping on your back and with your head risen a bit, that should help with a facial swelling. Also remember that we tend to retain more water before and during menstruation, but it passes. What can we do those are just few of the perks of being women.
You may also try eating greapfruits, they seem to have a diuretic affect on a lot of people.
Hope this helps.
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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to DoctorL's Post: I read that it can have some long term cosmetic effects??? Is this true and what does that mean? I will be permanently be "puffy"?
Expert:  DoctorL replied 10 years ago.

No you will not be permanently puffy.. Its just that when you abruptly stop taking the diuretic you body was not used to that volume of water and the puffiness shows mainly in your face. Your face especially your upper and lower eyelids have soft connective tissue and that where the water mainly accumulates and shows as swelling. You shold be fine within a few days.