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My tongue has been tingling for the past 4 days.

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My tongue has been tingling for the past 4 days. just on the tip. no sign of canker sores or anything like that. Not feeling tired or down, but this is troubling me. Now I had unprotected oral sex with a woman (cunninglingus). She shaved her pubic area, and the area was quite prickly on my tongue. However the tingling has been going on for so long I am concerned that it may be more. I have a slight sore throat, but not bad. maybe psychosemantic, but its there. also my lips are a little tingly too. what is this?
Hi! If you had an irritation of some type to your tongue or lips and brush and used a mouthwash with alcohol, this could have actually made it worse. Try just using warm salt water rinses for the next two days 3-4 times a day. If you see no lesions, sores or white film, I think you have just added to it by "over" doing your dental hygiene and made it worse. Like your throat when you have something stuck it it, you feel if for hours after. Your tongue, lips and throat have "memory" and the sensations can last a lot longer the the event that cause it. Relax and just do the rinses and I think you will be fine. If you have any other questions, please ask.

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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Marie's Post: Ok it safe to say that I have not contracted an STD? My throat as I said is a little sore, and the tongue tingling is just slight. kind of like a sort of thing. my mouth is kind of tinny tasting also. the main thing is could I get an std like chlamydia or gonnorea by cunninglingus. and if so would i have these symptoms or similar? is there cause for alarm? and are you saying that because my partners vaginal area (shaved but very prickly) could be the cause of the pain my tongue has (memory). if so how long will this last. you're great by the way!
Hi! Thank you for the compliment and please mention that in my rating. I have been in dentistry for 25 years. Everyone has a different type of sensitivity of lips, mouth and tongue and throat. If you have over used mouthwash, that has a lot of alcohol, it dried out the mucus membrane of the oral cavity. If you smoke, drink alcohol, or are a mouth breather, this will add to the sensation of soreness, a tingling and hypersensitivity and will take a much longer time to resolve. I have patients have a pizza burn (I call it pizza palate) when the hot tomato and cheese burns the skin on the roof of the mouth behind the front teeth. They have complained for a week. Then someone else is only 1-2 days. Some people have paper cut their lip and it "hurt" for days, someone else a few hours. Everyone is different. I am not dismissing an STD, but the sensations you are describing to me do not warrant that diagnosis in such a brief period considering the amount of hygiene you have been doing. Stop. Relax. Use the warm water rinses for 2 minutes at a time. Do this before bed now, and again 3-4 times tomorrow. Repeat the next day. I think your problem will be gone. Let me know. I will be here. Ask for Marie or MichaelsMom. I think I'm right on this.

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