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nursehope, Nurse (RN)
Category: Health
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Experience:  Advanced Practice RN w/ experience in Psychiatry ,Med-Surg, OB/GYN & Neurology.
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Im preganant and want her out of me!! What can induce my labor

Customer Question

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Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Vickie replied 11 years ago.
How far along are you? and why are you feeling this way?
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Vickie's Post: im 39 weeks pregnant and its so unconfortable...i cant sleep at night and the weight is killing me....i would like to have her now!!
Expert:  Vickie replied 11 years ago.
Is this your first child? Your should be going to weekly doctor visits by now, and he should have told you about how close you are. Usually if this is your second or subsequent child, you should be going at any time. have you noticed any contractions lately? I will tell you a few things that worked for me.
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Vickie's Post: yeah i have noticed contractions.....tell me a few things that worked for you please!!!
Expert:  Vickie replied 11 years ago.
No, first you have to answer my questions. are you getting prenatal care? and is this your first baby? have you had contractions today? You'll see why I ask this in a moment.
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Vickie's Post: yes this is my first baby, yes im getting prenatal care, yes i have had contractions today.
Expert:  Vickie replied 11 years ago.
The reason why I asked these questions all has something to do with wether or not this will work. Right before I had my second baby, I was going to a group of OB-GYN's that were very caring and sweet. I was where you are, lisening to everyone tell me to walk, or eat spicy food, or go on a "bumpy car ride". None of that worked and was all a waste of time. So I went back to my doctor and asked him what I could do to hurry this along. He told me that "IF" I was close enough to my due date, and "IF" i had already been having contractions anyway then I could take a couple tablespoons of castor oil and it would go ahead and get my labor to going. But - if you are not close enough, and your cervix has not ripened and already began to dilate, then it will not work. You have to be close to going into labor anyway. And I must say it worked 7 times for me, and 3 times for my daughter - and everyone else we know that has tried it. Good Luck...And stay by the toilet...
You are in my prayers.
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Vickie's Post: how much should i take and how often can you try it???
Expert:  Vickie replied 11 years ago.
You only take 2 tablespoons, and you should only need to try it once if you are starting to dialate and close enough. Remember though... If you're not ready to go - it won't matter how much you take, it will not work.
Good Luck! I have to say, I wish it were me in your place! I can't have babies anymore.
You are in my prayers.
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Vickie's Post: how long does it take to work after you take it?
Expert:  nursehope replied 11 years ago.

The castor oil  should be mixed with orange juice more
tolerable.  It will work in an hour if you are ready.  You
can also try a very brisk walk for 1/2  hr.w/ some of it up hill if
possible, this worked for me.  You may just end up with severe
stomach cramps and explosive diarrhea with the castor oil.  But it
does work for many people.

Expert:  Vickie replied 11 years ago.
Sometimes it will take a few hours, after you take it walk. Things will start out slow and then progress. Sometimes with a first pregnancy labor can last several hours, sometimes up to 20. Be patient, and walk - walk. (that is what helps to bring babies head down to rest on the cervix causing you to dialate).
The more you walk, the quicker you will dialate, just walk, and every time you have a contraction stop and squat. That helps bring babies head down even more.
Good Luck :0)
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Vickie's Post: Is there anything else besides castor oils?
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to nursehope's Post: is there anything else i can try besides castor oil?
Expert:  ZooCVT replied 11 years ago.

 My friend was past her due date and in the same boat as you. She had acupuncture done and went into labor within 12 hours. Thats another option.

Good Luck!

Expert:  TheMysticWave replied 11 years ago.


With all due respect, your subject heading appears to be one of great annoyance and inconvenience. Are you seeking this information as to abort - or are you seeking it for reasons that you're in fact overdue in delivery - for if you are overdue in delivery, I am wondering why you are not in direct contact with your doctor? Please understand that I am not here to judge you, only to help, but if you are receiving proper care during this time, it would seem that there would be a lesser amount of desperation in your words - especially being since the other specialists have provided very good information based on experience, yet you appear to be dissatisfied. Something just doesn't seem right. Thus, can you please explain your situation more in detail so that I, or other specialists, can help you? Such as what is your due date? What has the doctor indicated? Do you have any medical problems?

Bright Blessings.

Peace, Love & Happiness,

The Mystic Wave

Expert:  nursehope replied 11 years ago.
 You could talk to your OBGYN re: inducing labor which should be safe at this point.  There are other methods such as swinging on a swing and spicy foods but inducing labor would have the best results.  Talk honestly to your MD about how uncomfortable you feel.  Good Luck to you!  Nurse Hope
Expert:  Vickie replied 11 years ago.
I agree totally. The methods That I have talked with you about - if you remember - will only work if your cervix is already softened and began to dialate, as would be if you were 39 weeks, or further along. Obviously you are just not ready yet. And if you are trying to have your baby sooner than you should, she could die. You said that you were getting prenatal care, If so then speak with your doctor, and let him know that you would like to be induced. If he believes that it would be safe for you and your baby then he will work something out with you. Every day your child remains inside of you her vital organs and lungs are maturing. If she is born to early she could face weeks of painful I.V.'s and treatments in the neonatal ICU, and thats not counting many other problems that her little body could face in years to come, when just a little bit more time staying right where she is at could prevent it all. Believe me, I know how uncomfortable the last trimester can be. I have been pregnant 8 times myself - but you will get through it, and be glad someday that you did. Please discuss your concerns with your doctor, I'm sure he will be glad to listen, and when you are closer you can try the castor oil again - and it will work. The reason it didn't is only because you weren't ready in the first place. If you haven't seeked out prenatal care - for your child - please do so. There are free clinics that will take you with no questions asked. And if you are not wanting to keep the baby, then something can be worked out their too. Email me and let me know whats going on. We only want to help you.
Good Luck
You are in my prayers.
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Vickie's Post: i am 39 weeks and im happy that im having her. i go to my obgyn tomorrow. i was just very curious on how to induce labor natrually. this is my first child so it is very uncomfortable to me(as in sleeping and so forth). she will come soon and i will be the happiest person alive and i cant wait to have her. Thus is why I am so anxious and curious on inducing. thanks for all your help.
Expert:  Vickie replied 11 years ago.
I am so glad to hear it! Unfortunately we have all kinds of people come through here, and sometimes you wonder. When you see your Doc tomorrow, have him check you, and ask him if you have dialated any, and if so how much. What didn't work for you a couple of days ago will work tomorrow. That check up will tell you alot. Keep me up to date with your progress, as I am very excited for you. Good luck with everything, I know that you will have a beautiful baby girl.
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
I saw my doctor today and I am 2 cenitmeters. My due date is january 2nd. He says if i don't have her by then....then i will be induced the 5th at 530 am. Anything I could do to speed things up a lil faster before then? Should I try the castor oil now? =)
Expert:  Vickie replied 11 years ago.
Yes, try it again and this time if you wanted you could try 3tbs. My dayghter reminded me last night that she had to take 3 to get her going. I only had to take 2, but I guess it would go on body weight, how tall you are etc. Remember, things will start out slow, and then progress. Just "walk and squat". It will make it easier for you if you mix it with orange juice like nurse hope said, just stir it a lot. Good luck, and keep me posted!!!! :0)
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
I took the castor oil and all it is doing is making me go to the bathroom. Is that a good sign or bad sign? How long did it take for contractions with you?
Expert:  Vickie replied 11 years ago.
Yes that is a good sign. What it is doing is clearing out your lower bowel so baby can move down easier and put more pressure on the cervix allowing you to dialate. Here in a little while you will start having mild contractions. They may or may not be regular. Some women never get regular - but they will grow in intensity, and no matter what you do, you won't be able to get them to stop. The more you get up and move around or walk the more your contractions will be stimulated. If you don't get up and around it could take longer. When the contractions start remember to squat down with each one as to put more pressure on your cervix. Each contraction you have will be doing some good, even if it is just softening your cervix more, and thining it out. After you are done with all the "bathroom stuff" the contractions should really start setting in. Just work with them like I told you, and if everythings right - then you'll probably be going to the hospital tonight.
Good luck, and keep me up to date. I would like to know when your contractions start. I am so excited for you!
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Ok....I dont know if im contracting or not. baby is moving alot but i dont know if thats contractions. Does it take a few hours after you have taken the oil?? what does it feel like? Does it feel like alot of movement in your belly?
Expert:  nursehope replied 11 years ago.

Contractions feel like a a tight squeeze around the lower abdomen. 
If you can walk and talk without too much trouble you are not in full
labor.  It may be just the baby or gas.

Expert:  nursehope replied 11 years ago.

Here are some other activities you can try:

Acupressure-There are two that can be stimulated until it causes
contractions. They are:

In the webbing of your thumb and pointer finger. Press around that spot hard! If
it hurts it's the right place. Keep pressing until you get a contraction. Stop!!
When the contraction is done begin again.

The other place is on the inside of your ankle. Find your inside ankle bone. Go
up your leg four finger spaces. Push very hard. This should hurt. If it does,
it's the right place. Do the same as the directions above.


Be careful when doing the
acupressure points. When a contraction starts, stop pushing the point! Or else
you will have a double contraction!

Sex can also ripen the cervix or stimulate contractions especially if you have an orgasm!

Nurse Hope

Customer: replied 11 years ago.
it feels like my stomach is tightening then this a contraction?
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
I've seen on a website that taking black cohosh would also work? is that possible? must u mix blue and black cohosh or just simply take one. What about other laxatives??
Expert:  nursehope replied 11 years ago.
  It certainly sounds like you are having contractions.  

Expert:  Vickie replied 11 years ago.
It sounds like you are finally having contractions - how are you doing now? Sorry, I had to leave for awhile...
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
i just feel wiped out
Expert:  Vickie replied 11 years ago.
I bet! I'm sure all of this has you exhausted. Have the contractions calmed down? If so you should just rest for tonight. When you do go into active labor it is going to take a lot out of you, and you want to have the energy to enjoy your baby when its all over. You are so close dear, just relax and you can give it another day or so. I know that we will have you in labor before they have to induce you. Keep your chin up!
Keep me up to date dear - i'll be waiting to hear from you! I'd like to see a picture of that baby girl also when we finally get her here!
Take care...and REST...
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
it feels like she is kicking the hell outta my pelvic area....what is this?
Expert:  Vickie replied 11 years ago.
Well, throughout your pregnancy baby has been "exercising" every day. As your baby grows, the area in which she has to "exercise" in gets smaller. She no longer has the room to do the things she did previously. Babies normally have their active time, and their sleep time. If we are lucky their sleep time coincides with ours - but sometimes the movement and everyday activities of mom rock baby to sleep, and they tend to get active in the evening when mom settles down to rest. Also, if you have been having contractions today, some babies just don't like the idea of being squeezed, so they will move around a lot. By this time in your pregnancy you should be feeling the majority of your kicks around your ribs. What you should be feeling down low is baby moving her head back and forth, and her little hands moving around. Either way, this is totally normal. In fact this is something that you want to feel - that way you know that she's alright. She should calm down soon and go back to sleep, which will make you a little more comfortable anyway. Did you take your 3 tablespoons today? how long ago did you take it? and have you had any more contractions?
Expert:  nursehope replied 11 years ago.

people think of labor and delivery as being one process, but there are
actually a few different phases included in this event.

The latent phase
is the earliest phase of labor. During much of it, you may be trying to
figure out whether you are experiencing true labor or Braxton-Hicks contractions.
This is generally a lengthy phase with slow progress. Most women can
manage the contractions without much difficulty. Contractions can last
30-60 seconds, and can vary in frequency from 5 to 20 minutes apart.
However, it is possible that your contractions may start closer
together or further than 20 minutes apart. This phase can last about
6-8 hours for first labors, but can also be shorter or much longer.

Symptoms that may occur during the latent phase

  • You may see some blood-tinged mucus, also called bloody show
  • Rupture
    of membranes. This could be a gush of amniotic fluid or a slow leak. If
    you are home and not sure if your membranes ruptured, call your
  • Contractions may be experienced in your lower back or abdomen. They may feel similar to menstrual cramping
  • Increased pelvic pressure due to the descent of the baby into the pelvis
  • Increased vaginal discharge
  • Frequent, soft stools

The active phase
you are considered to be in the active phase of labor, when your cervix
is 4-5 centimeters dilated. Once you have reached this point, you can
estimate that your cervix will dilate at least 1 centimeter an hour.
Contractions will be more frequent, becoming as close as 2-5 minutes
apart. They usually last 45-60 seconds. These contractions last longer
than in the latent phase and are more intense, requiring more control
from the mother-to-be. The contractions have a longer and stronger peak
and a shorter rest period.

Symptoms that may occur during the active phase

  • Continued bloody show
  • If
    your membranes have not ruptured, they may rupture spontaneously, or
    your practitioner may rupture them. You may want to ask your
    practitioner if your membranes need to be ruptured for medical reasons,
    or if you can wait for spontaneous rupture. The amniotic fluid
    contained within the intact membranes acts as a cushion, which makes
    contractions less painful. Labor is typically more manageable, but
    longer, if your membranes remain intact for the majority of labor
  • Continued pelvic pressure as the baby descends further into the pelvis
  • Nausea and possibly vomiting
  • Your body may react to increased stress with increased respirations and heart rate. You may perspire
  • Many women have muscle tension throughout their body
  • As labor persists, fatigue will increase

cervix dilates from 7 or 8 centimeters to 10 centimeters. This can
occur very rapidly. Contractions will typically continue to be about
every 2-3 minutes apart, lasting 60-90 seconds. They will be intense
and require much control. This can be the most difficult part of labor.
Because of the strength and frequency of the contractions, many women
suffer physical and emotional symptoms.

Symptoms that may occur during transition

  • Increased
    pelvic and rectal pressure as the baby moves down further into the
    pelvis. You may feel the urge to push even though the cervix is not
    fully open
  • Pressure or pain in your back
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Trembling throughout your body
  • Exhaustion
  • You may feel overheated
  • Restlessness. Finding a comfortable position may be difficult
  • You could be uncooperative and demanding. Many women may seem ungrateful for the help of their coach or others
  • You may feel discouraged and believe that you cannot continue. You may cry
  • You may be totally focused on yourself and what is happening to your body
  • Inability to concentrate. You may have to be told something several times before you actually hear it

may wish, at this point, that you had never heard of transition and do
not want to experience it. Try to remember, however, that all of these
things do not happen to every woman. Transition is hard, but it is the
shortest phase of labor. Soon you will be moving on to the pushing stage and your baby will be born.

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