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toenail fungus

Customer Question

I have had toenail fungus for 40 yeears. Is there something topical that I can use to get rid of this. I have tried many different things
Submitted: 12 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Sue Bilstein replied 12 years ago.
The treatment for toenail fungus is a pill that you swallow. Lamasil, Sporanox, or Diflucan are the best types.

I took Lamasil for three weeks six years ago. It wiped out my toenail fungus. It has only just started coming back on one toenail.

You can get these medications on prescription from doctors or podiatrists.
Expert:  Dear Candace replied 12 years ago.

I also had toenail fungus that didn't even respond to Lamasil, even
though I did the treatment exactly as prescribed.  Plus, Lamasil
is very expensive and you have to have a liver function test before
they allow you to take it. 

I found in a catalogue a topical called Nonyx gel.  It is slowly,
but surely clearing up the fungus.  It was $30 for a bottle, but
it lasts a long time, since you don't use a lot.  Nonyx gel did
not work when I still had a lot of sugar in my diet.  I had to
stop drinking Coke and cut out refined sugar, then the Nonyx gel
worked.  Fungus feeds on sugar, so that's why you have to cut
sugar out. 

You can do a Yahoo search with the key word "nonyx" and you'll find
many resources for purchasing it.  Make sure you follow the
directions for use carefully. 

Another topical that also gives good results is tea tree oil.  Tea
tree oil comes from the Melaleuca tree in Australia.  It is
antibacterial and antifungal.  I used it for a while, when I
couldn't find my Nonyx bottle, (because I had moved).  It also
seemed to speed up the growth of healthy nail.  You can find tea
tree oil at any health food store.  It also lasts a long
time.  Make sure when you trim your toenails that you put the oil
on every toenail, because the fungus can spread to other toes. 
This will prevent it from spreading. 

I tried all kinds of over-the-counter products in the health and beauty
aids section of Walmart or the grocery store and none of them worked on
me.  That's why I wanted to share with you what did work, because
I know it's frustrating to keep on trying all kinds of products without
getting any results.  I hope this works for you! 

Expert:  TheMysticWave replied 12 years ago.

 Greetings Kim:

I'm sorry about your condition. My husband had suffered from nail fungus for approximately 5 years, at the time he developed a severe case of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis - the fungus was so bad in the beginning that all of his toenails and fingernails deteriorated.

Please know that there are natural remedies for toenail fungus, please see the information below:

What is Toenail Fungus?

It is a living organism that thrives in dark, damp environments such as under and around nails. Fungal infections are very common on both fingernail and toenails. Toenails are more likely to be affected by fungus since it is attracted to a dark and damp environment which is more common on the foot than on the hand. In more severe conditions, affected nails can have a yellowish or brownish discoloration. They may thicken or become brittle over time, and may even shed. Sometimes the nails have crumbling edges. It can be unsightly, disfiguring, embarrassing, and at times, painful.

The nail itself provides a protective covering that allows the fungus to grow underneath. An accumulation of keratinous debris is usually found beneath the free edge of the infected nail. 

Other names for toenail fungus are: onychomycosis of the nail plate, and tinea of the nails.

Who gets Toenail Fungus?

Some people are more susceptible than others, and contract it with mild to severe symptoms. Factors that permit this disease include:

bulletthe abnormal pH level of the skin,
bullettrauma to the nail,
bulletpoor hygiene of the foot,
bulletsusceptibility (such as decreased immunity) of the person who
has contact with the fungus.

Some estimates are that over 10% of the North American population have fungus of the toenails, and it is one of the most common ailments that foot specialists attend to.


How do I avoid Toenail Fungus?

Prevention is the best cure!

Toenail and athlete's foot fungi like to grow in warm, moist areas, which include public areas such as spas, swimming pools, locker rooms, or showers. For short periods of time the it can live in warm puddles on tile floors, awaiting someone to step in and pick up the spores. If you can wear sandals, water shoes, or swimming booties they would help in keeping your feet from touching the floor directly. Some public swimming pool areas have small wade-through pools which help to keep the toenail and athlete's foot fungi in check. After your session at the pool or other public area, wash your feet thoroughly and dry them well.

Pure 100% cotton, wool, or silk socks are the best to wear because they absorb moisture from your feet (from sweating) and provide good ventilation. When you do get your socks damp, it is a good idea to take them off and dry your feet before putting on a fresh pair of clean, dry, cotton socks.

Synthetic socks such as nylon are not advised because they don't allow the moisture to pass through away from your skin.

The best shoes to wear are those that allow plenty of air and moisture exchange. Look for air-breather holes on the sides, natural materials (plastic shoes do not allow air and moisture to pass through), and a comfortable fit. If you have a fungal condition already, sprinkle into your shoes a good anti-bacterial product such as futspa Foot Powder.

Wearing nail polish is considered to be not a good idea as the polish may encourage fungal growth. The fungus is sealed beneath the toe nails in a dark, moist, warm environment that it loves to grow in. We have heard of a report that a woman couldn't get cured until after she removed her polish.

Of course, if you know of someone with toenail fungus or any communicable disease for that matter, sharing of towels, washcloths, shoes, or other personal items should definitely be avoided.

Washing and thoroughly drying your feet really helps. Because toenail fungi likes warm, damp environments, if you keep your feet dry, the fungus will find it hard to survive. When drying your feet, use a towel vigorously to remove dead skin and improve circulation.

Fungus and bacteria alike flourish in damp environments, so try to keep your feet as dry as possible. To vigorously fight the toenail fungus, take your socks off and go without them as often as you can. Also, it is important to keep your feet and toenails very clean on a daily basis. Use a nail brush to scrub away dirt, dead fungus and nail tissue, paying particular attention to underneath the toenails. Keeping your toenails cut as short as comfortably possible will help keep the fungus in check. 


How do I cure toenail fungus? Are there natural cures?

Prevention is the best cure. Be aware!

For some people it can be difficult finding a natural cure to fight the embarrassment, disfigurement and the physical pain of toenail fungus, There are some internal medications available as prescriptions such as itraconazole (Sporonox), fluconazole (Diflucan), griseofulvin (Fulvicin), and terfinabine (Lamisil), but they have been shown to sometimes have side effects such as upset stomach, headaches, and liver damage. Mixing these oral medications with some other drugs can be extremely dangerous. Really! They are very expensive as well, some of them can cost over $900 for just the treatment medications. There is a powerful reason why they are available by prescription only.

First, try an alternative natural product. futspa Nail Drops are natural, inexpensive, safe and easy to use, and effective.

This special futspa toenail fungus solution contains a natural essential oil synergy of tea tree, lavender, and thyme. Tea tree oil is a potent natural antiseptic and fungicide that will help fight your fungus.

TOENAIL FUNGUS, Cures for Finger and Toe Nail Fungus...

From another site:

General Toenail Fungus Information
A fungal infection of the toenails often results from a chronic athlete’s foot infection in our youthful years.

As we grow older, the athlete’s foot problem may disappear, particularly if we learn the importance of keeping our feet dry and free from sweat. However, the toenail infection is not so easily eliminated and often continues as a seemingly perpetual problem.

In the past, drugs like griseofulvin and ketoconazole have been used, sometimes successfully, but always with the risk of side effects, particularly since the drugs must be taken over a long period of time.

In recent years, drugs like Sporanox and Lamisil have been heavily promoted as the ultimate cure, but these drugs, like all drugs, carry a certain risk of harmful side effects such as liver damage and they are not as effective as their manufacturers would have us believe. They are also extremely expensive. For those of you who know how modern medicine works, it is not surprising that our doctors ignore simple solutions while drugs are offered as the only answer to the problem. There are also a number of over-the-counter products, which are for the most part totally ineffective.

Possible Solutions for Toenail Fungus

  • Tea Tree Oil is extracted from the leaves of a shrub-like tree found only in Australia. There are over 100 varieties of such plants. The variety most frequently used is Melaleuca Alternifolia. It is a potent natural antiseptic and fungicide and is safer to use than the concocted products of the pharmaceutical industry. It has an odor somewhat like that of turpentine. Absorption may be enhanced when mixed with DMSO. You may apply one drop of Tea Tree Oil or the above mixture under and on the nail every morning and evening.
  • Pau d' arco & Goldenseal "The Prescription for Nutritional Healing" recommends soaking the affected nails twice a day for 15 minutes in a mixture of Pau d'arco and Goldenseal in very hot water.
  • Colloidal Silver is a natural antibacterial antifungal. Some individuals have seen faster results. You may apply with a swab or spray on the toenail and get under the nail where possible.

    As the infected tissue under the nail dies and loses feeling, keep cutting the nail back and clean the dead tissue from under the nail as thoroughly and as often as you can. In time, there may be little nail left. When you begin to see new nail, let it grow out but continue the treatment until the nail is completely re-grown. Since toenails grow so slowly (slower than fingernails), the complete process will probably take a year or more. However, this would be true even if you used the usual drug approach.
  • Lactobacilli taken internally is a beneficial bacteria needed to inhibit bad bacteria and fungus. The lack of sufficient friendly bacteria in the body can result in the growth of fungus under and around nails.
  • Free From Amino Acids are the building materials for new nails.
  • MSM provides the natural sulfur for healing soft tissue and nail growth.
  • Vitamin A assists the body in protein utilization.
  • Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc are necessary for nail growth and affect the absorption and action of vitamins and enzymes.
      Remember this is a long process no matter what you use because of the time it takes for the nail to grow out. Be persistent in your treatment. It may take a year for the nail to be fully replaced regardless of the treatment.
    • Grapefruit Seed Extract would work. We have also had some positive results with Nail ReNu' Toenail Fungus Remedy, a combination of emu oil, tea tree oil, oregano oil and eucalyptus oil, which work together to combat the toughest toenail fungus. This safe non-toxic all natural formula helps eliminate toenail fungus while the nail grows. You need to be able to apply the drops on and under the nail - which means it may be necessary to file on top of the nail and clean under the nail each time before applying to insure the best possible penetration.

      Toenail Fungus / Fingernail Fungus / Nail Fungus

      My very best to you. Please take care.

      Bright Blessings.

      Peace, Love & Happiness,

      The Mystic Wave


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      • I can go as far as to say it could have resulted in saving my sons life and our entire family now knows what bipolar is and how to assist and understand my most wonderful son, brother and friend to all who loves him dearly. Thank you very much Corrie Moll Pretoria, South Africa
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