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GMC Sierra: ABS Emergency light stay on

Resolved Question:

I have a 2003 GMC Sierra HD I just took it to Midas today to have a new muffler put on. Now the ABS light and the emergency brake light are staying on. This has never happened before. Midas put the truck on their diagnostic machine and said they couldnt figure out the problem. I just paid over $370 for the muffler system. I took it home and disconnected the battery hoping the system would reset itself and it continues to stay on. What can I do, what should I do? Help
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: GMC
Expert:  Pete replied 5 years ago.
Hello,I will be glad to try and assist you with this,Welcome to Just Answer.


What needs to be done from here is to have the fault codes checked in the ABS computer to see what codes have set causing this light to come on and stay on.

This can be a number of different components at fault ranging from a faulty wheel speed sensor,other sensors at fault,wiring or even an internal control unit failure in the ABS computer needing replaced.

Most common is the ABS computer at fault (EBCM) or a faulty wheel speed sensor.

You can still drive the vehicle this way until it is checked into and will have normal power brakes but you wont have ABS braking ability until the fault is corrected and the code cleared out so the light turns off.

If diagnosed to be a fault from Midas then I would let them know and hopefully they will cover the costs for diagnosis and repair.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
They told us that maybe the flash code needs to be reset? Have you every heard of this before?
Expert:  Pete replied 5 years ago.
They may be suggesting that the ABS computer (EBCM) needs to be re flashed or re programmed.This is a possibility of what could be at fault but if this light came on after you had repairs done there then there is a possibility that there is something that was caused by them at fault.

I have seen the EBCM's fail on these before and had to replace them and in some cases there wot be fault codes set or no communication with the EBCM and this may make it difficult to diagnose.

If it needs flashed a dealer has to do this and it usually costs around an hours labor to have done.

Let me know if you need anything else,click accept if you feel satisfied with your answer as this is how I get credited for my time,Thanks Pete!
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Pete, thanks for the information and explaining this to me. You have been wonderful. I will take it in to a GM dealer and get it fixed. That is what I should have done before instead of Midas.
Expert:  Pete replied 5 years ago.
Your welcome.

Don't forget to click accept if you eel satisfied with my help as this is how I get credited for my time.

Thanks Pete!

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