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Jerry Newton
Jerry Newton, GMC Technician
Category: GM
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Experience:  ASE Master Technician, L1, Master GM Technician. Over 20 years of bumper to bumper GM experience.
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2006 4.8 L v8. not running bad, no sign of head leak. small

Customer Question

2006 4.8 L v8 . not running bad, no sign of head leak . small puff of white smoke on startup with antifreeze smell. uses 1 gal. a year.
Submitted: 7 months ago.
Category: GM
Expert:  Jerry Newton replied 7 months ago.

Almost certainly going to be a head gasket leak. They can be very tiny, and just like you've experienced, an unexplainable loss of coolant over time.

Head gasket failure isn't unheard of on these engines, and I've seen leaks like you describe go unrepaired for a long time. Just be advised that it may suddenly get much worse, but if you're otherwise OK with adding coolant occasionally, you can continue to drive it this way until it gets worse.