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Mike Senary
Mike Senary, ASE Certified Technician
Category: GM
Satisfied Customers: 116
Experience:  10 years in the repair business.
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remove the air bag on the passenger side of 1998 GMC truck

Customer Question

How do you remove the air bag on the passenger side of 1998 GMC Truck
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: GM
Expert:  Mike Senary replied 5 years ago.
Hello, my name is Mike I hope I can help you with your problem. The instrument panel must be removed to get at these bolts, unfortunately.
The following is the procedure to do this. It is no small task. I cannot provide any pictures for this job. These bolts are nessicary for the bag to deploy safely so cutting it out will render it unsafe.

Disconnect the negative battery cable(s).
Disable the SIR system.
Remove the three relay center bolts from the underside of the wheel opening.
Remove the bulkhead connector.
Remove the following components from the bulkhead connector:
The screws from the convenience center to the cowl
The cruise control harness (if equipped)
The forward lamp harness
The SIR system harness
The relay center
Remove the coolant reservoir.
Disconnect the antenna lead-in and the grommet.
Remove the knee bolster under steering column.
Remove the steering shaft pinch bolt.
Remove the left and the right sill plate front screw.
Remove the left and the right hinge pillar trim panels.
Remove the brake release handle from the cable.
The clip releases the handle from the cable.

Remove the reaction plate assembly.
Remove the tie bar.
Remove the knee deflector bracket.
Disconnect the 8-way column connector.
Disconnect the 48-way connector retainer in order to access the two lower column nuts.
Disconnect the shift cable (Automatic transmission).
Remove the steering column from the vehicle.
Remove the shift levers.
Remove the transfer case knob by pulling the knob straight up.
Remove the manual transmission shift lever (if equipped).
Remove the front floor console, if necessary.
Remove the left and the right lower IP pivot bolts.
Remove the center support screw.
Remove the three IP upper support screws.
Remove the IP from the front of the dash.
Disconnect the park brake lever.
Disconnect the following electrical connectors as necessary:
The sensing and diagnostic module ( yellow connectors air bag module)
The Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning module (HVACM)
The 22-way engine harness
The stoplamp switch
The vehicle speed sensor (VSS) calibrator module
The clutch or brake release switches
The electronic accelerator (Diesel)
The HVAC control cables (if equipped)
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I purchased an air bag from a wrecked vehicle about a month ago and he removed the dash but you have put so much detail in your answer and with terms that I am not familiar with that I will probably have it installed. The person who removed the dash dropped the steering column down, but did not remove it from the vehicle.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I am not satisfied with the answer which may be correct, but more exhaustive than I am willing to try myself. Some of the terms I am not familiar with and there are some things unneccessary to do. My truck is a 1998 GMC, SLE 1500 2 wheel drive, 5.7 gasoline engine. The interior has a bench 60/40 seat auto trans on the column . The air bag was deployed in an accident. When I purchased an airbag from a salvage yard the mechanic removed the dash in a short time and he did not remove the steering column, he did drop it down. I did notice there was a bar that all of the dash was fastened to and was removed, I did not watch the entire process. Question. Why remove the coolant tank and the antenna wire which is under the hood. Or why remove the steering column from the vehicle..